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Hello everyone and welcome to my website. I am so glad to finally be able to do something I enjoy, and be able to share it with others. I have always loved words and writing. I was the kid in my family who always used up all of our school paper just because I felt like copying words from the dictionary, and copying pages and pages of the encyclopedia. To some that may sound a bit weird but not to one who loves words: I like the way they look and the way they sound, which lead me to my passion for languages.I have so many interests that I had to go toward one just to see what I was capable of accomplishing. I do not consider myself a seasoned writer by any means, but I truly enjoy it. I also enjoy helping others which I consider my true passion. The purpose of this blog, is to share the information I have learned over the last nine years about the many ways I have discovered for individuals to earn an income online, or just supplement an income by completing small tasks.

I am in no way a pro (if there is even such a thing) at earning online, but I have found so much information that I can’t just keep it to myself. I know people are so tired of the “systems” that always promise loads of cash without any real work, but that should immediately inform you that said system could possibly be a scam, I mean what jobs are there that require absolutely no skill or training? Along with making loads of money…I think NOT. We all want to make money, but at what cost? Most of us know it will take some type of work and a certain level of effort to actually earn any money. I wanted to state this loud and clear also because I haven’t seen this subject touched on too often.

There is a difference between a work at home job, and a work at home opportunity; they are not the same. A work at home opportunity, will usually require one if not all of these three things; your name and email address, your credit card number, and often a phone number. A work at home job, will require a resume, you will complete an application, many positions may request that applicants supply a background check and drug screen, the organization will be looking for specific skill sets, and may also require training or testing before applicants are offered a position. Those are the biggest differences between the two.

The first thing I tried to make money online was paid surveys. There are ads all over the internet about how people are creating full-time incomes with paid surveys, so of course it had to be true, right? I’ve signed up for several over the years, but only a few have actually paid me. I’d also like to point out that the biggest issue with surveys is that most companies want you to take a “pre-qualifier” before the survey, which is said to determine whether or not you fit the demographics of what they’re looking for in a particular survey. For example, an organization may want to discover how many dog owners live in a certain area. If you are not a dog owner, you would not qualify to complete the survey. If this happens over and over with several websites, where’s the cheese? I am not discounting anyone else’s experiences, but I have never made more than $40-$50 taking surveys in any few months, not weekly, nor daily like the claims we see online. Oh the frustration. I had to be doing something wrong.


I finally discovered a few sites that were worth the continued visits.I wanted to share a small list with you of the websites that continue to pay me over and over. There are many ways to earn on most of the sites and it is up to you how often you visit and earn. As a rule most of the sites I visit pay in cash. Many other survey sites pay users with gift cards and other rewards like being able to donate earnings to your favorite charity.

Sendearnings is the first site that I want to show you. Here users can complete surveys, watch videos, complete offers and even search the internet to earn. I have been a member for quite a while and though I have not become wealthy, they have paid me over $200 to date. Users need at least $30 in his-her account to request payment. Payments are made via check, send earnings debit card, and various other methods. Visit the link and check it out. Sign up is free.


Paidviewpoint is another favorite. I enjoy this site the most because users are not required to qualify for surveys, if there are surveys available on your profile you can take them. There is a trick to earnings here. Users are given “trait” surveys to ensure he-she is giving accurate information during surveys. This is monitored by your trait score. The more truthful your answers are, the higher the trait score. In other words, you can’t tell them you have pets in one survey, then in the next say you don’t have pets. This will not only lower your trait score, but potentially block you from earning larger rewards. 10,000 is the highest trait score users can receive and the cash out is lower than most at only $15 via PayPal. To date they have paid me more than $100 for completing surveys. Sign up is free.


Mintvine is another site that I enjoy to complete surveys on. The cash out threshold here is only $10 or 1,000 points that converts to cash when you request payment. I believe the best attributes of this site is that when users do not qualify for surveys, he-she usually still receives points for spending whatever time spent within the survey, usually between 5-30 points. It is pretty easy to get the 1,000 points even when you must wait for surveys to clear. So even if you don’t qualify for say, three surveys, you still may receive 15 points or 5 points for each survey you did not qualify to complete. The only time you usually won’t get those points is when the survey is closed or they’ve received the number of responses needed. There are also other ways to earn points here like completing offers.The site pays via Paypal, but there are several other options as well to receive payments. Sign up is free.


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