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Get Paid By Scanning Receipts And Barcodes!






Yes! You can make extra money just by scanning your regular purchases. Scanning Barcodes has increased in popularity as some companies use this as a mystery shopping method. An organization can learn a lot about a product by scanning it’s barcode, like where it came from and where it should be, it’s size, cost, etc.

Now I wouldn’t start planning vacations based solely off of doing this, but I do remember reading about a lady who did all kinds of odd jobs to save for her family’s vacation, it can be done! There are always methods to earn a few bucks during your leisure time. I find that I am always installing and uninstalling new apps each day, and almost always looking down at my phone. Lol  Not the best posture to imitate regularly, but money calls! The sites I’ve listed have maintained their positive reviews, though anything can happen with an app. I chose to highlight the sites that have more positive than negative reviews.

I would definitely recommend these apps to college students or young people who are venturing out alone for the first time. Not only can many apps earn us money, but there are countless money saving apps also. We know prices never go down, in reality we see prices continually rising! I can’t believe we’re paying almost $4 for a gallon of milk, crazy!! I believe it is important to earn and to save as much as you can. I won’t get political, but I am paying attention to what’s happening across the nation, and realize many more of us need these earning/saving opportunities than we thought previously. Be a good neighbor and share this information with others who may be having a harder time surviving than you, we’re not all in the same boat! If you can’t help out monetarily, it’s free to share info with one another, it takes seconds, and you will have helped someone without leaving home or changing your schedule! Much success in all you do!



Checkpoints –An app that rewards you for scanning barcodes, watching videos and many other small actions. Rewards are paid by gift card. This is a popular app and users claim recent payments have been made, so you will receive your rewards. The app is available on Google Play and iTunes.

Qriket –A FREE app available on iTunes only. The app is free to use and users are rewarded with cash payments. You must have $5 in your account to request payment. Pays via PayPal.

Shopkick –App rewards users for scanning barcodes and performing other small tasks. Discover deals before you shop. Earn points for visiting your favorite retailers. Rewarded with gift cards from popular retailers. Available on Google Play and iTunes.



MobiSave –An app where users scan receipts to receive rewards. Accepts receipts from any store. No minimums to request payment. Pays via PayPal. App available on Google Play and iTunes.

bevRage –Is an app for users 21 and over. Receive Cashback on alcohol purchases. If you buy alcohol regularly for parties or gatherings, this is a good method to earn some of that back. App is available on Google Play and iTunes.

ReceitPal –An app that gives you Cashback for your uploaded receipts. App is available on Google Play and iTunes.

ReceitHog –An app that gives users Cashback for their receit photos. App is available on Google Play and iTunes.

Jingit –A platform that has been around for several years and has expanded. Now Jingit offers its users a chance to earn by checking in at your favorite stores and instantly earning rewards. Users are also paid for watching videos and taking short surveys. App available on Google Play and iTunes.

Berry Cart –An app that gives healthy eaters Cashback on his-her purchases. Features organic, gluten free, non GMO and more. App available on Google Play and iTunes.

ShopAlong –An app where users are paid to upload receipts and also to complete assignments. App is available on Google Play and iTunes.






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