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This post kind of took me a while….I’m not actually finished! You’d be surprised about how many freebies we can find online. I am also happy to announce that not all freebies have a ‘survey’ requirement. Many sites require users to complete a survey before receiving their item(s) free, I tried to post the ones without that requirement. Especially since most of us don’t qualify to complete surveys!

I like free item posts because with prices being raised in every sector, many people don’t know that we can still get things for free…..many things! These are just a few that I found interesting. I try not to list sites we’ve already discussed unless I’ve received items, rewards, or money from a site, and of course I’d have to share that!

Feel free to share my posts, we never know who may need items they are too proud to ask for. My pride takes a back seat to my family’s needs!! “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”!! If there are freebies you notice are missing from my posts, feel free to comment and let others know where you find your best freebies!


miiduu –A platform that allows users to create an online e-commerce business free.

Odoo –A platform that allows users to create free websites.

Phiredup –Free Recruiter resources.

AM –A platform of free ‘decluttering’ resources.

Webplusshop –A site to open an e commerce business free.

Medium –A platform with “300 awesome free things for entrepreneurs.

SmartHustle –A list off free government resources for small business.


Free Fun 

The Balance –A platform that provides a list of 30 free fun/cheap things to do on the weekend.

Thesimpledollar –A platform that gives us 102 things to do on a money-free weekend.

Lifehack –A list of fun things to do with friends that won’t cost much….so these aren’t necessarily free.

Zenhabits –Platform that lists 100 ways to have fun with your kids free/cheap.

ActiveForLife –Lists 30 fun/engaging activities for kids/all ages.

Vive Health –Lists 110 activities for seniors.

Elder One Stop –A platform that lists fun activities for the seniors/elderly.



Freaky Freddie’s –A platform with a list of kid freebies.

ilovefreestuff –A site with a list of kid freebies.

Brain pop –A learning platform for kids. Many subjects covered.

Gratitude Initiative –Offers free learning opportunities to military kids starting from 8th grade up to first year as a senior in high school.

TeenFreeway –A platform for teens to find free stuff.

Super Duper Inc–A platform for teachers and parents of kids with Autism. List of freebies. Great resource.

Bookbox –A platform with a list of kid freebies.

MoneyConfidentKids –A platform that teaches kids about money lists activities for kids.


FreeCycle –A platform where people give and get things for free. Basically a website for recyclers.

Drugs –A platform with peer-reviewed opinions on different drugs.

Reuseit Network –A platform where users can find others within their area that also recycle. 

Free Sample Monkey –-A freebie platform that also lists other sites.

4needsmet –A platform for the poorer community to locate free resources: food, clothing.

MunchkinSandwich –A platform with freebies and coupons.

iheartnaptime –A platform with a nice list of freebies.

claimit –An app where users can exchange wares. (Recycling)

Mr. Freestuff –A platform that has freebie deals from things to do, to sweepstakes.

Corel –A platform that lists different freebies.

Nuvo –A resource to enter contests to win tickets to entertainment events and more free.

Cheap A** Gamer –A list of free resources and contests for gamers.

beerpress –A list of free things to read.

TPT –A list of free resources and lesson plans for teachers.

Sweepon –A platform to enter into sweepstakes and win prizes.

YoFreeStuff –A platform that lists free stuff, no surveys required.

TheFreeSite –A platform with many freebies listed.

tomsmith –A platform with free music files that you can reuse.

MrCheapStuff –A list of things you can get 100% free online.

Genealogy Search –Free Genealogy stuff!

Red Basket –A platform where users can start fundraisers online free.

Allure –A platform that informs us of ways to grab free cosmetics.

CoolFreebielinks –A platform that hosts many links of freebies for crafters.



Mommy and Me News–A platform with many freebies. Anything a mom may need.

SuperSavingMoms –A platform with a list of freebies. Kid events listed too.

BradsDeals –25 discounts and freebies for expectant mothers.

Bestdealsformoms –Coupons, deals, and discounts for moms.

Mysavings –Free stuff for kids and moms.

Freestufffinder –A list of freebies for moms and kids.

Pen Pals

PenPalsNow –A platform where users sign up and talk about what they’re looking for in a pen pal, to be matched with one.

PenPalWorld –Sign up and find your pen pal. Users are in full control. Kids can block all adults from responding.

apenpals –A site where users can sign up to find their perfect pen pal.

Interpals –A site where users sign up to find a pen pal. Users from all over the world.

tomakefriends –A list of 27 websites to find pen pals. (I disagree with the choice to add Facebook as a place to find pen pals! Absolutely not!)

Studentsoftheworld –A kid friendly platform for students. Make friends around the world.

ablehere –A site for adults with disabilities to find pen pals.

Penpal Party –A platform for people to find a military pen pal.

MyLanguageExchange –Is a platform to locate pen pals with the purpose of sharing language and culture! What an awesome idea!


Thrillst —This author gives tips on how he grabbed some great freebies.

Obtjobs –A platform that teaches youth ages 17-24 who reside in the state of New York, free coding and website design. SNAP participants encouraged to apply.

Care Horizons –Provides a list of free stuff available to cancer patients.

NIH –A list of useful free resources for seniors.

NEA –A platform for educators to locate 10 free things. 

Tough Nickel –A platform with a good list of different sites where we can find free stuff.

Credit –A platform that lists “50 free things you can get this year”.

Gmat Club –A platform with free modules/material for students.

Homeschool –A list of free resources for parents and homeschool educators.

RefDesk –A platform of freebies for the men, women, kids.

Medium –A list of 700 free resources online.

NHTPTRYD –A platform that offers educators a free no-bullying kit.

LovetoKnow –A list of freebies for seniors.

Shpbeds –Provides free beds to children who need them. Company is based in Idaho, California, Maryland, Minnesota, Washington, Utah. Must live near one of the centers to apply.

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