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I wanted to do the Handyman Post because this is a category that I have been interested in for quite some time. We all have some skill that can be translated into an Independent Contract position. Of course those who have certification or Tradesman status will certainly have the ability to ask for more pay per job.

I didn’t notice many of the sites I listed requesting certification or specialty in a field, though it would not be wise to accept a job you haven’t the skill to successfully complete. These jobs would not be considered WAH, but are considered WFH or (work from home): you still control when you work and take care of your own income tax payments.

What does a Handyman do?

According to Wikipedia: “A handyman, also known as a handyperson or handyworker is a person skilled at a wide range of repairs, typically around the home. These tasks include trade skills, repair work, maintenance work, are both interior and exterior, and are sometimes described as “side work,” “odd jobs” or “fix-up tasks.”

What I have found in the current market, is that Handyman may have been broadened to include other tasks such as painting, gutter cleaning, trash removal, installation, and more. I know growing up Handymen fixed things. Lol Today, Handypersons complete whatever tasks that need to be done around the home. There is a freedom that comes with working/earning on your own terms. I know quite a few Mr. & Mrs. Fix Its out there…ANY skill can be translated into a job/career/business venture.

What skills/education is needed to become a Handyman?

As I’ve stated, many of the jobs listed may be from regular citizens like you and me because there are no skill requirements. I would assume an Electrician, a Plumber, and Carpenter would be certified within his-her specialty. Many of the jobs required of a Handyman are things you and I do regularly in our own homes.

According to Study, “Depending¬†on local and state regulations, handymen may need to be bonded or insured. These legal requirements focus on on-the-job injuries associated with private handymen. Handymen who perform work under a specific dollar amount determined by the state where the work is performed may be exempt from this requirement.”





What does a Handyman earn?

According to PayScale, the average wage for a Handyman is around $20/hour and can go up to more than $40/hour depending on the job and location. The national overtime wage for a Handyman ranges from $14.71-$15.33. 2 percent of Handymen are women and 98 percent of Handymen are men.

Concluding Thoughts:

A Handyman will always find employment. No computers or technology can replace the jobs these persons do. As with any profession, the more education/certification earned in the field the higher the potential pay for jobs. (Though Contractors can charge what he-she chooses). This venture can be lucrative even for beginners. Much success on your journey!



1-800-Contractor –A service that allows contractors to sign up and advertise his-her services. This allows others in your area who contact the service that you are available.

Local Handyman Pros –A service that allows skilled contractors to advertise his-her services.

Home Advisor Pro –A service for skilled contractors to,advertise his-her services.

Task Rabbit –An app that allows users to sign up and accept jobs according to his-her specialty. Google Play/iTunes.

HandyMatters –A service that hires handy persons to do specific tasks. USA.

Reed –A job site with open Handyman jobs. UK.

Au Jora –A job board with open Handyman jobs. Sydney-NSW.

Total Jobs –A job board with open Handyman jobs. London/Bristol area. Please see site for location details.

Burst –A site to find side gigs according to your interests. Many jobs here, not just Handyman jobs.

Gum Tree –A job board with open Handyman jobs. West End.

Need To –A site that hires Handypersons. You can sign up to work or request services. Search function is International.

Gigster –A site that lists Handyman gigs. App available on Google Play/iTunes. (The site is new).

Moonlighting –An app for freelancers to find gigs. List Handyman jobs, but also several other freelance jobs. App available on Google Play.

House Call –An app that allows you to find gigs in your area to complete. You can also request a service provider. Available on Google Play.

Pro Referral –Home Depot sponsors a service that connects handy men and women with jobs in his-her area. Pay is via check or direct deposit. There is an app available on Google Play and ITunes.

Air Tasker –A website for individuals for completing tasks, from house cleaning and handyman services, to pick up and delivery tasks. App is available on Google Play and ITunes.

Near Jobs –Complete chores for others and make money. The app is on Google Play and ITunes.

IHire Construction –A job site with open Handyman jobs. USA.

Handyman Web –A job board with open Handyman jobs. Users can sign up to become a Handyman, or request services. USA.



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