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Happy 2017!






Happy New Year, Everyone! So glad my family and I were blessed to make it through the New Year! So glad you all are here too, to enjoy the many possibilities of 2017! Out with the old and In with the new! Who doesn’t like a fresh start??

We start off this year by going in depth about a program we’ve talked about previously, and possibly a couple we’ve never heard about until now. As much information as I find regularly, I’m still like a kid in a candy store! We live in such times where we need to be in control of how often we work and how much money we earn. Technology has allowed us to do so much! Thanks, Technology! ?

The first company I want to discuss today is called Givling. I’ve mentioned Givling before in a previous post, but since then have learned much more and felt the need to share.

What is Givling?

Givling is a social app where users are paid to answer trivia questions, interact with other users, and for purchasing coins to play more trivia. The ultimate goal is to earn enough points to get put into the que to have your student loans paid down. How cool is that?

Givling players can win daily cash prizes by crowdfunding the payoff of student loans. Get a top score in this fast-paced, competitive trivia game to win cash and end student loan debt. Your first play every 24 hours is free, so try it now! I am the Queen of “free play”. I’m sure Candy Crush creators didn’t plan on any players getting so far without paying. ??

I believe that this is a great opportunity for ANY of us buried in student loan debt to help ease the pressure. At this point anything will be a bit of a relief. We see that crowdfunding has taken on a life of its own and has helped to create successful ventures, so why wouldn’t it work here? The best part is, even if you don’t have money to “fund” you can do the daily “free play” to take your chance at earning. Users also earn by referring other members who interact and fund the site. So perhaps a person you refer would fund and you’d still earn.

If this opportunity sounds like something you or someone you know would be interested in sign up and try it. It’s FREE! You can sign up to Givling here. App available on Google Play and iTunes.


I wanted to share with you a new discovery. The site I’m referring to hasn’t even launched yet. Though the launch is right around the corner on January 10, 2017.

I’m talking about Divvee Social. 

What is Divvee Social?

Divvee.Social is a Social Membership Network combining the power of social media, the revenues of the multi-billion-dollar mobile apps, products and services industry and the influence of the individual to empower and reward those who are focused on their dreams by providing actual solutions and real value. There will be two membership levels available;

Your opinion matters.
Download Apps
Answer Surveys
Review Products

Save and Earn
Build a team
Save on everyday services
Earn commissions with your network

We will continue to see social platforms such as this come about to create wealth: There is power in numbers. We can contact people all across the globe just by interacting through social network channels. We do it daily but don’t think on it much, but business has also gone social. We can retrieve reviews from any site to gauge the experiences and-or fair treatment of other guests. It can and will be a boost to any business that receives many good reviews, it alerts prospective customers that service is good.

I wanted to throw it out there that a site is only as honest as the people who run it! There are several sites that were in the Number One Spot years ago that are either no longer around, or that I wouldn’t touch with a 10 foot pole!! Honest sites CAN and DO go scam!! Financial hardships can occur at any time, though no excuse to be dishonest, are often the reason users are left hangin’.

Rank and Share

“The Rank & Share program is how we at Divvee get to hear your opinion. Through mobile app downloads, reviews, and surveys, you tell us what you think. Rank & Share is the cornerstone of the Divvee System. Help Divvee change tomorrow by sharing your opinion today”.

Money Pulse

“Money Pulse is the Divvee way of saying thank you. At Divvee we provide all of our influencers access to an amazing system where you can save money on everyday services.”

I think it sounds like an exciting opportunity. If led by honest people it could be quite lucrative. As much as our individual wealth is a selfish thing so to speak, we notice the trend for making money is with a crowd of people, so we need each other to make it happen. Such opportunities are great for those who have large social followings, or who know how to obtain large followings.

You can sign up to Divvee.Social here.


The next opportunity I wanted to tell you all about is with a company that calls themselves bevRAGE.

What is bevRAGE?

bevRAGE is an app that pays users back for their beer and alcohol purchases. GET CASH when you buy Beer, Wine & Liquor, both in stores and at restaurants & bars.

Browse the offers and purchase at varied locations. Upload a receipt for verification. Receive your payment. Pays via PayPal. New users can sign up to bevRAGE here. App available on Google Play and iTunes.

Concluding Thoughts: Most often socializing can introduce us to new parts of the world, new interesting people, and most often new earning and-or networking opportunities. Your social circle is more important today than ever before, because it can earn you money. These opportunities are good earners for those who have large social followings: numbers do matter. Take advantage of your advantage (large followings). Much success on your journey!



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