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I felt I needed to post about home schooling. I never really cared for public schools myself being a product of one. I had always read about the amazing things schools around the country (namely outside of the USA) were doing that us as Americans were not.

When I was growing up public schools were ran much differently than they are today. Many schools in depressed areas are without programs like art and Science, Civics has been removed from the curriculum (which tells us how the government is run and what branch has the power to do what), Nurses are no longer in school so when your child is ill more times than not, they will be sent home and often may require a doctor’s note to return.

By the time I reached middle school I had heard of areas like Detroit requiring metal (sp) detectors for entry into the facilities there. Today we know of schools that have security and police on the grounds as a means of safety. It just seems like there is always reason to be on edge as a parent with children in the public school system.

I am a proponent of home schooling though my children have yet to be home schooled. I don’t particularly care for quite a few issues that are prominent in public school like; security and police presence, rewriting history and teaching falsehoods to our children, they’re also trying to pass legislation for schools to be “Christian” based, forcing religion on those who choose not to take part.

What is required to home school in the USA?

In my state (Michigan, I advise you to research the homeschooling laws in your state/province) the law is as follows;

“states that a child is not required to fulfill public school compulsory attendance requirements if “The child is being educated at the child’s home by his or her parent or legal guardian in an organized education program in the subject areas of reading, spelling, mathematics, science, history, civics, literature, writing and English grammar.”

It is also wise to register the school you start, with your state. Of course you could allow them to learn online, which would be my first choice. There are several online schools that come to mind; strictly high school, K-12, and more. I have researched a couple and was not only impressed by the curriculum, but also because they still allow for student/faculty interaction by way of meetings, dances, and other after school activities similar to traditional public school.




There are many resources available with regard to curriculum as it pertains to homeschooling. I have a Pinterest board dedicated solely to homeschool resources. Feel free to follow my board there for more great resources. My boards are listed under ‘pccurrency‘.

The main reason I started researching homeschooling almost 2 years ago, is because I have children considered special needs and believe their needs are not being met in public school. I have close friends who have children with Autism and other issues that cause their children to learn differently. Its been made quite obvious that schools are not equipped to handle their issues.

I located a couple of videos to let others explain what their homeschool experiences/routines are on a regular basis, what programs may be available (will differ by school and state), and what challenges if any, they may face.





I thought these were both good videos to share, especially for those families still on the fence with the decision to homeschool, do school online, or choose a Co-Op as your schooling choice. Also it may help take anxiety away from kids worried about isolation. Though there are chances to interact and socialize with other students in similar learning environments. We also see that homeschool can be strictly at home, or students can be part of a Co-Op which is where they would take special classes like Art, which gives them an opportunity to socialize with other students for at least 1-3 days per week. So as the parent, you’d make the best choice for your family’s situation. I also located a video where an adult is explaining their situation since I am also a parent, I’d like to hear their point of view!



I enjoyed this video the most. We can see that homeschooling is not an easy feat when you have more than 1 child. Lol I noticed the method this parent chose was to lead in teaching. Because I’m also trying to run my business from home, I would probably choose online education, or ….the homeschool does not have to be in your home! It can be in any home where an adult is teaching approved curriculum by the state; Math, Science, English, etc,. There is more freedom with regard to what our children are being taught using this method. You will only have a choice for your specials in traditional schools. * Specials refer to classes like Art, Dance, Music, and Sports.

Of course you will find some options more convenient and-or more affordable than others, that is certainly a factor: going from traditional schools where most things are free to being forced to pay for books and tuition can also cause issues for families unprepared financially. Please do your research to find the best program(s) for your student(s). Much success in your homeschool journey!



Homeschooling Resources

Calvert Education –A resource for homeschooling success.

Time4Learning –A resource to help parents with school curriculum for home schooled students.

Non-Public and Homeschool resources (Michigan) –Important forms and necessary paperwork for your school to be “legal” in the state. Please research similar resources in your area.

Acellus Academy –A homeschooling program that is completely online. Set up to help children with special needs. Used in 42 countries worldwide.

Coalition for responsible homeschooling –A resource for families interested in homeschooling. This resource is for Michigan residents, so you will need to research similar resources for your area.

Homeschool Academy –A resource for Michigan residents. Also encourages others from all states to inquire about services in their state. (Bottom of the intro page).



Online Learning

Connections Academy –Online learning, K-12. Tuition FREE.

K12 –Online learning. K-12. Tuition FREE

Keystone –An online private school for kids K-12.





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