How Do I Hate Thee, Let Me Count The Ways!




Disclaimer: This is not necessarily a post for those under 17-18 years of age. Explicit content AND language are present!

Isn’t that today’s sentiment? We all just say the most ugly, disgusting, degrading, things to perfect strangers?!! I’ve seen mothers and fathers, aunts, the elderly, those who are scholarly, those who were once respected, and those who aim to gain respect using his/her platform to be basically a hateful human being!! Why???

My website requires me to be on social media and learn how it works. We are all encouraged to use social media as a platform to send information to the masses, so why all of the ugliness?!!! #Anonymity!!! Would most say any of the ugly things they text/type on social media to someone’s face? I would hope not, but how can we be sure, especially when those we’ve held to higher standards have placed themselves in the ring too….YES! I’m referring to our elected officials and even those well respected in journalism have added their 2 cents!! 




Okay, I will say that Gabourey’s response was to negativity thrown at her. With that out of the way…you notice only a few examples here, but it’s obvious to me most people have gone nuts!! Crazed fans, religious extremists, and charming/cunning sociopaths!! Many crazy things we see and hear people have done/do we ignore and wave it off just another nut job. But can we still afford to do that? What do I mean by afford? Well, when we ignore angry people fights can break out, we know angry drivers cause accidents, and more recently shoot at other drivers on the road. 

Here are just a few ugly videos I retrieved from YouTube.

“What’s this life for?” Still love that song (CREED). I’ve never believed that we were put here to mistreat one another! EVER! So why all of the ugliness??!! We can blame it on #45, we can blame it on Republicans, we can blame it on Democrats, we can blame it on feminism and racism, so whose fault is it? I put them all in one category ‘The Hateful’!! What else is there to say about them? They irk my nerves with their one-sided views!

We all must take accountability for our own words and actions toward others. To say that hatred is only coming from one side, just means you refuse to examine your side as party to ‘this mess’. But we’re all in this together! Do I mean we’re all out here being hateful toward one another? No, but when we overlook things and don’t speak up our inaction could be examined differently as if we were accessory to a crime.

First Amendment. People keep using the Free Speech argument to hurl expletives and other verbal assaults at each other. Why do people think a law was created that allows us “protected by law” to be ugly to one another? Not only do I find that extremely sad, but also telling of America’s history! Think on that. Our right to free speech deals with our right to speak out against our government and not be persecuted for our political stance/beliefs! It has nothing to do with how we communicate with one another. And why would any of us consider that a freedom?

I’ve heard over and over throughout my life that hurt people, hurt people so if we go with that as a conclusion, all of these lashing out at strangers are just hurt people. It still doesn’t solve the problem though, and don’t get me started on how bullying has affected our kids to the point of them committing suicide on social media!! We’ve got huge issues! So, the next time you want to point the finger, why not look inward to be a solution! Peace and Love, family! ✌🏿️❤️

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