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How To Create Your Own Blog FREE



Blogging in itself (the actual writing) is the difficult part. When I first heard about blogging I was excited because I always have something to say on many subjects! If we really think about it, we all blog daily if we are a part of any social media platforms.

Blogging is a way of sharing your ideas, thoughts, and feelings on any subject with the rest of the world. Cool, right? It seems like it should be cut and dry: you blog, people read…not that simple. To write in the first place we need ideas. Those ideas need to be captivating enough to bring in and keep an audience interested.

Those of you who have large social followings are on the right track to obtaining a regular audience of loyal readers. Much of what a blogger does is connected with some sort of interaction or exchange of information. It is important to engage your audience so they will have good reason to return. Everything online starts with a website!

What steps are necessary to create your own blog?

  1. You need an idea or a niche to build your blog around. The ‘niche’ is the blog’s subject matter. For instance, my niche is ‘work from home’.
  2. Choose a domain name. Choosing a domain (your website’s address) is not as simple as it sounds. Often names you choose may have already been chosen by previous users. Your domain should be associated with the content (information) on your website.
  3. Purchasing your domain. Usually a domain purchase is handled yearly, so you would only pay for it once per year, unless you chose a different renewal option. It is also not a necessity to purchase your domain, I advise it because being a FREE member of any site keeps you from the perks of ownership. As a FREE domain holder you have no real power: a paid member can come along and take your domain name because you were using it FREE! Just an FYI! ??
  4. Choosing a host. A host is the company that holds or contains your website. Go-Daddy is a popular company that handles website hosting and domain purchasing. I’m cheap, so I chose Namecheap to purchase my domain for the year….it was under $15.
  5. Build your site. The creation of your website is the easiest part to complete. I am not technical at all and I thought it was easy, so believe me, that says bunches! All you need is to choose a design you like, and you can start adding content.




Let’s go over the steps together!

Step One & Two

We need to think of a name for your blog……we will go with (interior design/decorating).  At this point you

would be inside the site where you’ve chosen to purchase your


Wealthy Affiliate –You get a FREE website here. (Not the same as a

FREE domain).

Namecheap –You can purchase your domain and they handle hosting.

Go Daddy –You can purchase your domain and have your site hosted


Wix –Build a FREE website.


Once you begin your search for the domain name you want, you will

see many results come up, (giving you choices) sometimes the results

will say that your chosen domain is already taken. What that means

is a customer ‘paid’ for the domain which makes it unavailable. If you

choose a domain and do not purchase and someone searches, they can

take your address! Just Sayin’….it’s worth it to own your domain!

I found an image to show you what a possible search will look like once

you enter a Name;




And once you click search the site will tell you whether the name is

available or you may have to keep choosing until you find one that

is available.


Step Three

You’ve now purchased your domain in the niche you plan to blog

about: Interior Design & Interior Decorating. Here you will have the

choice to purchase all domain names associated with your site name.

For example, your site is, so you may want to also

purchase,, etc,. People searching

these antonyms would still be directed to your website.

I want to reiterate that a domain purchase is not a necessity just a

strong recommendation.  You would not want to gather an audience

for a blog that will disappear….I’m frugal there are cheap

methods to have a website.


Step Four

It is now time to decide which company you will choose to host

your website. Hosting is important because  if the host has issues,

that can cause down times and loss of business to website

administrators/owners. The sites I recommended are fairly popular

and have stable reputations online.

I will recommend the same tool I used to create my website to

create yours! I think it is a great tool to use because I have no

technical skill and figured out how to build my site with the step-

by-step instructions. Just awesome! Try it, guys!



Of course social media is a FREE platform to share information also. Pages can be

searched on Google and that Is a plus. Use them all!


Step Five

Once you enter your chosen domain name and click build it now, you will be taken to

your new website and it is time to start designing it to your liking! How cool is that?

In all of what, 30 seconds?


Concluding Thoughts: So, it is easy to create the physical blog, but a totally different story regarding content creation, SEO, regular traffic sources, and monetization. Stay Tuned! Also…..In the next couple of hours my new “Job Leads” page will be LIVE! New leads added weekly!




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  1. Hi Audra,
    How are you doing today? I’m so Blessed. Thanks for asking. I have a few questions regarding Blogging. I would love to blog about me making Jewerly and make videos on how to make my jewelry. But I not sure what kind of name to have and do I have to be licensed before I can blog? I don’t have a business. I just make my jewelry sell the real cheap. And make more. I love making Jewerly. But I am not sure where to go and what to do? I’m kinda scared. But I’m excited to come show off my work and hear what other people have to say about my art work. Do I also have to have a name for my jewelry making? I don’t have any kind of business open yet. I just want to help everyone or anyone who wants to learn how to make jewelry. I do have a lot of pictures of my art Jewerly work. Well God Bless you 😇 and your family and friends. I can not wait to see what’s next in store for us to read. Keep up the great work that you do. I’m glad that God sent me here to see what you have to offer. I found a lot of great wisdom here. Thanks for the information. Grace

    1. Hello, Grace. I’m fine! Thank you for asking. 🙂 First off I’d like to say you absolutely do not need a license to operate a blog, love! It’s just a public place for you to create. With regard to your business, you do have one…you make jewelry, that is a business!! Whether or not you are registered to operate in your state is a separate matter, but because you create and sell, you are in business!! There are a plethora of resources here on the site to help you get started. Much success to you moving forward! 🙂

  2. Audra, thanks for a detailed and highly informative, step by step guide to writing and publishing a blog. Persons new to writing blogs will undoubtedly be happy with the non-threatening manner in which you presented the information. Great post.

    1. Hi, Josephine. Thank you! I tried to simplify it as much as I could. Most explanations I see regarding anything business related is just too complicated for most people to even stay interested long enough to learn anything. It is actually the reason I waited so long to start blogging, it just seemed complicated. Thanks so much for stopping in today,love! Come back soon! 🙂

  3. Wealthy affiliate.. Its true that they teach you how to create a website from scratch. That is great. But what makes WA amazing is the added stuff. How to rank well in search engines, how to write a blog, how affiliate marketing works, and most of all – the community is great. People help one another and motivate each other.

  4. Nice post on how to get started with blogging.
    Although there are many free options to get started, I would highly recommend to go the self hosted rout, where you get your own domain and hosting. Why? Because you are in 100% control. Get a free site and you have to follow the rules and regulations for that site. They are limited in what you can do with them as well. Get your own self hosted site and you are in charge!

    Great read,


    1. Hi, Vicky! Exactly, it’s all about control. Lol As a FREE member you’re giving your power away! Self-hosting is the ticket! Although a newbie may want to start out as a FREE member just to see if blogging is really what they want to do. Thanks so much for stopping by today! Come back soon! 🙂

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