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How do bloggers make money? Many have asked me this question and there are several ways for a blog to generate income. Most of us will use what works best for the niche chosen, though popular methods are chosen most often.

Often a blogger may be seeking recognition for his-her point of view on a subject, and can generate an income by becoming recognized by products or brands that enjoy or appreciate his-her views. In turn said company pays the blogger for reviews or opinions on products and services, kind of like a spokesperson. I will list a few options bloggers can try to earn from blogging.


1. CPA or PPC ads.



This type of ad allows the blogger to earn when visitors complete certain actions within a post or website. For instance, users click on an ad each time there is a visitor on the website. The company may pay $.02-$.05 for each click on an ad, if you had 1,000 visitors or more daily clicking those ads you could make a decent income just from that depending on your financial goals. Here are a few companies that pay bloggers to place ads on their site;

Max Bounty



CPA Lead

Click Dealer


2. Paid to blog.



There are are sites that pay users for their original content. If you are a seasoned writer or even a newbie, there are companies willing to pay you for your original content. Advertisers are often welcome to write reviews of products or services of an organization. Most often bloggers are paid per each submission versus being paid hourly. You may be paid to blog on their site, or paid to post reviews or content relative to them on your blog.

Hub Pages


Sponsored Reviews




3. Paid for video views



Bloggers can get paid by creating popular video content. Most sites like YouTube pay you for the number of views to your content plus any interaction with the ads displayed. For YouTube users are paid for the ad interaction and not just video views. Although the more views you receive to your videos, the greater chance that a few will watch the ads. There are also other similar platforms that pay users for video content.



Daily Motion




4. Games can earn you money.



There are quite a few methods one could use to make money from video games. Often when I visit websites if there is a neat game I see that I haven’t played before, I will definitely give it a try. I don’t know who downloads more games, me or my children. Lol Video games can come with ads attached at the sides or surrounding the game. You can place ads within the videos themselves. If users decide to download and purchase the game, you get paid. Get paid for micro transactions within the game. For example, the player buys points and uses them within the game, you get paid. If you set the games up as pay per play, you would be paid for each paid session. You can be paid from player to player trading of game items, or player to player one-on-one competitions. Here are a few sites to get you started;







5. Relative content ads.



These ads would surround your content and are relatable or on the same lines as what you’ve written about. We see these most often while searching and discovering online. Have you ever researched a trip or looked for a vehicle online, and then every site you go to displays the vehicle and the trip you searched for? Sometimes those ads follow us around all day as we search online, often they may be found on certain websites like Facebook. They always seem to know what you want to see. I like to call it targeted advertising…because they already know what you want.






6. Afilliate Marketing.



Afilliate marketing has proven to be the most lucrative for many beginners to making money online. An Afilliate marketer basically advertises other’s products to the public and earns from sales. WalMart is one of the richest, most popular, affiliate marketers in the world, so it is definitely lucrative coupled with the right tools of execution. My best advise would be to use those programs already popular in the mainstream.







7. Sell ad space



Every ad we see online is not necessarily there by accident. In any type of advertising it is necessary to strategically place ads. What is meant by that is, if a website was extremely popular let’s use Facebook as our example. Any company that wanted to increase their reach, following, and sales would be wise to advertise using the Facebook platform. The same can be said for certain sites that are currently popular and receive a lot of traffic. If your site is in this category, it could be extremely lucrative for you to sell ad space on your website.







8. Charge for premium content.



There may be certain information you choose to save for your subscribers or those who have paid a fee to see what you are hiding. Lol Many of the sites we use regularly have these features also. Do you have cable? If you do maybe you’ve also downloaded apps of your favorite channels, but those shows are only accessible to subscribers of the paid TV service. That is a members only perk. Maybe you want to upload videos to your site that only subscribers can see. There are several possibilities here. This option would only be viable with large audiences and several thousand page views per day and multiple subscribers.





9. Display audio ads.



Audio ads much like video ads display content related to what you post on your website. To be honest I have not visited very many sites with audio ads displayed. This could very well be an untapped market for the niche you’ve chosen.

Triton Digital




10. Podcasts



 Podcasts can be used to go in depth in subjects where writing would take too much time. I have listened to podcasts that varied in length from 5 minutes to more than an hour. You can have a podcast that discusses whatever topic you like or know much about. Those who are camera shy may prefer podcasting to YouTubing, just because no one can see you in a podcast they can only hear you.


Radio Tail





11. Widgets.



Widgets are used to put special items on your site and make it easier or more convenient to put certain things on your website. For instance, if you wanted visitors to see the weather for his-her area of the world, that would require a widget. Widgets are used to integrate features into your website pages. Widgets are fickle they only work with certain website versions. If none of the choices here work you can search your plugins under monetize to find those compatible with your website.







12. Sell E books.



If you are a writer or an educator with knowledge needed by others, you should be writing/publishing ebooks. An ebook can cover any subject the writer has knowledge about. I’m sure we’ve all read books or articles where it seemed the author knew nothing of what he-she was talking about. Lol  Perhaps you have a sense of humor and decide to write a humorous instruction manual to make a difficult subject seem less difficult. If you are creative with words this option can help you create revenue.




Book Baby

Book Tango


13. E Commerce



Creating an E Commerce site is not as new as some may think. Many sites we visit on a regular basis have some type of method to make purchases, even Facebook and Twitter. There are a few ways one could create this type of site; the entire site could be an e commerce site, or if you currently have a website you can dedicate a page or pages to your business.


Big Commerce


Woo Commerce



14. Add a job board.



There are are different ways to create a Job Board, but I believe the most lucrative is creating it so employers pay you a fee to list their current openings. This is also an option that would be best suited to one who has a large, steady, flow of traffic. Without ample traffic not many employers would be in line to post on your job board. You can also download job boards from other websites and monetize them with ads.







15. Miscellaneous ways to monetize.



Often items are placed in the miscellaneous category because we have no idea which category they’d belong to. Lol Of all the categories listed, I do not believe any of these fall within those categories. Here are more ways to earn from monetizing your website;



Print Foto




Concluding Thoughts: Here I have listed the most often used resources/methods to monetize a website. This is barely the tip of the iceberg. If these methods are not good for you, use Google and search “monetize my website”. Much success!



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  1. hi . This is good info, thank you. Most of it I understand. But the part about Podcasts, I’m not sure about.
    How do you make money from Podcasts.?
    I know they are increasing in popularity and I have listened to a few good ones. But I don’t see where the money comes in.

    1. HI, Janelle. Good question. Podcasts are much like videos with regard to earning money. Once you create podcasts you need to select advertisers to attach to them. It could be an ad before after or during intermission. Each time users listen to the ad or the ad Is clicked, you make money. Thanks for stopping by.

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