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Hello, WAH family! Today I wanted to share a few opportunities I retrieved for those who choose to work independently. These jobs do require specific skill and experience in certain areas depending on the job required. You control your own schedule!

Technology has opened up new avenues to create, exchange, and complete work assignments. How awesome it would be to be able to simply check an app to see what’s available, and sign up for shifts that fit your schedule/talents. This is the new wave of recruiting folks! Apps help us do a lot more, much more efficiently!

These innovative companies are usually located in our largest cities around the world! What better place to test a new product than in a large community! Most of these jobs have flexible scheduling and you control when you work! If you see a service you believe could be used in your community, with assistance of technology, you could start your own! Much success to you!

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1.  Feastly




A platform for Chefs to sign up and earn from their culinary artistry! Feastly is a home for unique dining events. Our chefs have exceptional culinary talents with diverse backgrounds and range from great home cooks to Michelin starred chefs. Patrons can also sign up to sample what Chef’s are cooking and where they’ll be. They will even come to your home!

Start with the dishes that are most meaningful for you. Write detailed descriptions and add enticing photos. Pick a date for your meal. Feasters who love your menu will book a seat. Invite your friends too so they can help spread the word. Respond to any questions. Cook your meal. Thoughtful details are loved such as preparing the table, leaving refreshments, or sharing backstories.

You have control right down to deciding your own prices for your meal(s). If this sounds like something you’d like to do as a Chef, sign up! Feasters interested in attending Chef catered venues will need to sign up to be privy to the site address! (that info is not publicly advertised).

2. SnapShyft






A platform for business owners to request workers when they’re short-staffed. This is awesome since we’re all so impatient (often) and will help cut down on waiting times. Will work for any situation or any venue. Watch the video.

Paid via Direct deposit 24 hours after shift completion. There is a free app available on Google Play and iTunes.

3. OpenAirplane








OpenAirplane makes it easy to find, book, fly, and pay for aircraft rental online or with a mobile device. We’ll help Operators get better utilization of their fleets, and help Pilots fly more.

The OpenAirplane Universal Pilot Checkout allows FBOs around the country to easily verify a Pilot’s qualifications and training in each make and model aircraft. Pilots gain access to planes around the U.S. without the usual hassle and expense.

Skilled Pilots, Operators, and Owners can sign up to the service free! There are insurance charges though (of course). An innovative company that is sure to upset our current (haggard/outdated) Airline industry! Less cost and added revenue for Pilots and possibly cheaper flights for travelers!

4. Sporcle

Since 2009, Sporcle Live has taken great pride in helping local bars and restaurants boost business while bringing communities together with fun and entertaining trivia. Our hosts are delivery agents that provide enjoyment to people’s lives. Become A Sporcle Live Trivia host!

Do you enjoy socializing? Are you able to let loose and throw a memorable party? Our hosts naturally connect well with our players and venues, but they also work hard to build their audience through social media and other creative methods. Building relationships in your community is vital to the success of your show.

Stardom, fame, new friends, and cold hard cash. While this opportunity won’t buy you a Lamborghini, it’s fair compensation for the time you put in! Our hosts make a minimum of $50 per night, however, hosts that work hard to build an audience can earn $75-90 per show based on attendance and the number of shows they entertain weekly. In addition, there are other perks and compensation opportunities for our employees once hired that our hosts enjoy.

5. TaxiTapp

A platform for Taxi business owners. This platform of apps helps to streamline your services in order that you can continually compete with services like Uber! It is a free all-in-one dispatch and fleet management platform. Everything you need to run your taxi fleet: Best-in-Class dispatch and fleet management cloud-based software; Beautiful and feature-full Driver and Passenger apps for iOS and Android.

Take advantage of dispatcher-less ride facilitation through TaxiTapp’s mobile booking platform. Accept payments by Cash, credit card, or PayPal. No catch. TaxiTapp will always be absolutely free for taxi companies and their drivers. No upfront costs, No ongoing subscriptions, No maintenance fees. With no strings attached.

Sign up and take your venture to the next level!

6. JoyRun





A platform for college students to earn by making food deliveries. JoyRun deliveries are done by people like you… and your friends… and their friends. No minimums. No surge pricing. No exorbitant delivery fees. JoyRun works for every restaurant, taco truck or coffee shop in your ‘hood. (their words) Do a JoyRun and pay for your next concert ticket, next gadget, or the meal you just had.

Sign up by entering your name and campus email address. The site says that anyone can be a runner, so I’m not sure it’s specific to college students, but the site is certainly geared toward them. Runners are paid a ‘runner fee’ for each delivery.

I’m assuming runners need at least $50 to request payment due to the FAQ, which states ” …may be eligible for immediate withdrawal upon earning $50.” Funds are transferred to the runner’s account upon completion of each successful delivery. App available on Google Play and iTunes!

7. ConnectRN





Healthcare facilities post your open shifts. Qualified healthcare professionals near those openings pick up shifts and earn extra income.

Post shifts. Pick up shifts. One easy app gives you the power to do it all. 

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