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Hello, all. I wanted to share a few new opportunities with you that I found to make some money!! With every opportunity, your level of effort will be your end result. Opportunities for Influencers seem to be at a steady increase. Now is the time to use your powers of persuasion to draw in your audience and earn some money too!

There will always be claims of high earnings on sites you discover, because that is a selling point to new users/subscribers, earning lots of dough! Frankly, I’d rather earn with a slow earner just to feel like I’m doing something real! If the pay is astronomical, they probably don’t pay!

Have you ever seen a paid to click site that offered $2-$100/click? I have! Of course you’d have to wait to accumulate thousands of dollars before you can cash out, and you’d never receive your money! If it were that easy, most of us would already be doing it! Be smart during your discoveries, and never waste your time on “jobs” that sound too good to be true!



Verydice –An app where users sign up, roll the dice and accumulate points for FREE prizes! Who doesn’t like FREE? What I enjoy most about the site? You can multiply your rolls by up to 5x!! There are also FREE ways to earn more rolls. Enter code 206596 for a starting bonus. App available on Google Play and App Store. –A platform for gamers to upload content, make friends, and gain a following of those interested in interactive gaming. You will have a choice with regard to ads shown with your videos.

FullScreenMedia –A platform for video creators to earn income, grow their audiences, and have useful success driven information on hand when needed.

PostCraft –A platform where users are paid to advertise on his-her social platforms. It is directed toward those who have large social followings. Users are moved to higher levels depending on his-her follower number. Choose an app, product or video that fits your audience. Promote with your preferred social media platform. Earn cash depending on your ad performance. Users can potentially earn $12/follower.

CollabCreators –A full service platform for video creators. “We designed a Partner Program that helps multi-platform video creators become self-employed doing what they love. From popular to professional… Collab is helping social media creators launch their creative careers and entertain the world.” Users are paid once per month.

BBTV –Or Broad Band TV is a platform for YouTube video creators to aid in growing your audiences, earning more and creating the best image for your brand/channel.

Univision Creators –A platform for video creators to earn and grow their social following. Must have a YouTube channel.

Famebit –A platform for influencers to gain YouTube sponsorships,  connect with brands, and earn. Users must have at least 5,000 followers on any particular network to join.






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