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I’ve been asked quite a bit lately what I know about internships and what being an intern means for a career. Quite frankly I just saw an internship as a way to receive on the job experience and training without the promise of future employment. Of course I wouldn’t just leave you with my personal opinion, let’s see what experts have to say about the role(s) and future career possibilities of an intern.

I visited the career center of Berkeley University to see what their view on internships is. They define it as; “An on-site work experience that is either directly related to your major field of study or your career interest. It can be paid or unpaid, and held during the summer or throughout the academic year. ” So what is the point of becoming an intern, what do they get out of it? There are a few benefits involved regarding internships and they are;

  • On-the-job experience (before graduation day)
  • Develop new skills
  • Network with professionals and receive possible recommendations.
  • Experience different working cultures
  • Earn money toward education and expenses.
  • Learn new technologies, systems, and processes.  (BU)

How does one go about searching for open internships?  I would start with a company or field that I had interest and-or basic training in. Since internships are usually completed in an in-office setting, it may also be wise to search for opportunities closest to where you live. You can sign up at career centers and be notified of internships that meet your interests. I can’t stress enough how important networking is today regarding anything employment related! To be in-the-know, you must be around those who know!

When should I start my search? If you are just beginning, you’re much too late! Now, does that mean that you won’t find a great internship? Absolutely not! It just means your competition got an earlier start and grabbed opportunities you knew nothing about! In everything we do in life…when we wait until the last minute, we miss out! This would be different for college attendees: apply a semester before your desired placement. Summer interns should begin their search in the fall.


How much experience is needed to become an intern?  Interns need to have basic knowledge, meaning that a high school diploma, vocational classes/experience, and even volunteer endeavors can usually be considered as experience enough to qualify.

How much are interns paid?  A source from Google says: the higher the level of the degree, the higher the wage. In fact, according to NACE’s latest intern compensation report, the average hourly wage for a master’s degree candidate is 35 percent more than the average wage rate for an intern earning a bachelor’s degree: $21.93 compared to $16.21. WMich discusses “How much should you pay an intern?”  This article basically discusses the pay of college level applicants and what pay rates can be expected. I performed the search for my state,  if you search your area of the country/world, rates may vary.  I found a site called Paywizard and it talks about expected pay for internships and other areas of employment across the USA.

Concluding Thoughts: There are several avenues one could use to obtain the perfect internship for his/her situation. Don’t wait until the last minute, submit application forms early if possible! Talk to school administrators and visit Career centers near you!  Connect with learned people on social media. Much success on your journey! 🙂



OBT –Internship program for young adults 17-24 years of age. NY

Marketing Edge –Internships for students interested in the marketing


Internships –Internship search. More than 161,000 openings.

Internship Programs –Search internships. Search your state.

Look Sharp –Search to find the internship you seek.

Microsoft –Has an internship program. See site for details.

U of M –Internships and careers.

Shell –Open internship program.

 AFW –Apply for an internship that interests you. Paid

The Washington Center –Search summer internships. DC

ICD –Apply for internships.

A2SF –Internships and employment. Ann Arbor.

Dr. Interns –An international intern program for those in the

medical field.

Chegg –Search internships for you area of interest.

Smithsonian –Has open internships.

Nike –Apply for internships.

USA Jobs –Government site. Students and recent graduates


CEI –Search internships. USA

NASA –Open internships.

UN –Internships in the United Nations.

Cultural Vistas –Internships abroad; Argentina, Brazil, Chile,

France, Germany, Ireland, Spain, and Switzerland. Paid

Net Impact –Search internships. USA

ESPN –Internships available.

LLNL –Internships for undergraduate scientists/engineers.

US Department of State –Internship openings.

VIA Programs –Internships abroad for university students. Asia

Partners Internship openings. International

8 Weeks of Code Internships to learn how to code.

 UNICEF –Open internships.

FBI Jobs –Internships for top performing students.

SMWW –Sports management internships.

The White House –Open internships.

ASA –Internships in arms control.

Facebook –Internships in tech and design.

PRSSA –Internships in public relations.

US Department of Energy –Open internships.



Business Insider –25 Companies That Pay Interns The Most.

AMS –A list of internship and co-op opportunities. for undergraduates.

Big Future –How to find an internship you’ll value.

US Department of Labor –Wage and hour division facts.





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  1. Hey Audra,

    Thanks for sharing such a helpful article on internship! I quit my internship this year to go for my internet entrepreneurship path. As for me, Internship made me realise that it wasn’t the job I really wanted in the future, However, I still learned a lot from my internship, it’s a great experience. I wish you all the best! Cheers! 🙂


  2. Hey Audra!

    You wrote a very well written post. I’m a sophomore and planning to take an internship in the summer before my senior year. Almost most of my friends (who are sophomores also) already took an internship. I didn’t agree with them that it’s a good idea to take an internship this early because we still didn’t finish half of our credits to graduate. When taking an internship, I think it’s better to take it before the graduation year to get the best out of this experience. What do you think?

    1. Hi, Basem. That’s a good question. I think it’s up to the individual, but there are many programs seniors and juniors and often sophomores can take while in school, often earning credits for college. I wish I had thought about this when I was in school. Thanks for commenting and good luck with your future endeavors! come back soon! 🙂

  3. I got an internship this summer and I am absolutely loving it! While they aren’t really something that you might build your entire career off of, they certainly are a great way to make connections and develop some valuable skills. I definitely support quality internships!

    1. Hi, Dallin. I’m glad you found a match. I would love to hear of your experience once your internship ends. I do agree that interning is a great way to network. For someone who is good at networking, becoming an intern is an excellent idea. So glad you stopped by. Come again soon! ?

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