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I need to start by saying how In Demand these jobs are! Translators and Interpreters are needed in EVERY job category. Because of the rise or popularity of outsourcing, the world has opened up for Bilingual workers to make a good living, just using a computer or other mobile device. Still on the fence about learning a language? If I chose to, I could post once a week for 12 months about NEW Bilingual/Translator jobs! They’re that much in demand!

Many don’t know about or think of International Business, but this is what opens these opportunities. We can live in the USA and work for a company based in the UK, because we have the Internet! Of course not all jobs will be international, but most one can do from a computer.

What do Translators make?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, interpreters and translators earned a mean annual wage of $50,610 in May 2011. The middle 50 percent of this group earned between $30,020 and $62,170.   As with every profession, your education and experience will determine your pay (most cases). I would like to add that the average worker does his-her job on a part-time basis, with the average being between 15-25 hours per week.

Bilingual workers earn $5-$15/hour more than other workers. Click To Tweet

Bilingual workers will always be needed because not all of us speak more than one language. Each new business opening is another opportunity to find Translation work or work for those who are bilingual. Those I’ve listed here are current opportunities I’ve discovered, but I doubt this is ALL that is available. Every job category needs an interpreter in some form or fashion. It’s inevitable for business owners to have Interpreters and bilingual workers: If you only speak English, you can only conduct business in English! Get it? ??

I wrote a post a while back about Translator jobs. Feel free to visit this post to see sites not listed here, and to retrieve the resources to aid toward your success. I have seen testimonials online of Translators making $50/hour or more, so this is definitely lucrative even just going at it part time. Much success on your work from home journey!





Sykes –Seeking Bilingual Agents. Habla Español? Parlez-vous français? Do you speak Spanish? French? French Canadian? Are you strongly disciplined? Able to multi-task? Are you able to work independently in a fast-paced, challenging environment? Then the bilingual jobs available at SYKES and SYKES Home may be right for you. Many of our call centers across North America as well as our work at home opportunities have a need for your bilingual skills.

HSN –Seeking Bilingual Customer Service Agents. Must have high school diploma or GED equivalent. Must have headset. Must live in Florida. Please see site for further location details.

Asian Hires –A site for Asians in the USA to find employment perhaps in his-her native tongue.

Tapwage –A job board with open Onboarding Specialist/Bilingual. Several other openings for Bilingual workers.

Latpro –Seeking to fill Bilingual/Spanish Content Manager position. See site for further details. Cambridge, MA.

Home Visitor/Bilingual/Full-Time

Hound –A job board for Bilingual workers to find jobs in call centers in the Florida area. Jobs do not appear to be remote.

Upwork –A job board with open Freelance Translator positions. English/Spanish.

Capita –Seeking Interpreters/Translators to work on his-her own schedule.

Freelancer –A job board with open Translator jobs.

Translator Base –A job board with open Translator positions.

Guru –Seeking to fill positions in Translation.

LinkedIn –A job board with an opening for a Polish Translator. (English to Polish).

Translators Work –A job board with open Translator positions.

Translators Town –A site for freelance Translators.





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