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Of course a person or persons who are disabled can work anywhere he-she has the skill to accomplish a job. The sites I have listed here are those that work specifically with those who are disabled. There are services in connection with each website that helps applicants connect to proper training, needed resources to be successful, and opportunities to network and learn from others who may be in similar situations.

If you are a disabled worker who has skill in a specific job category,and-or hold specific certifications,it may be easier to find such applicants gainful employment almost immediately. Users may be required to perform assessment tests, take drug tests, and-or pay for background checks to be eligible to accept certain positions.

Several if not all of the sites have contact information in order that questions can be answered , and new applicants can be led to the correct people/area of the website. Look around and if you get stuck or see something you don’t understand, call the numbers or contact the emails displayed as contact information. Administrators are helpful, but busy and may not respond for a few days. I also wanted to point out that applicants must have worked in his-her field within the last 5 years to be eligible.

Concluding Thoughts: The sites listed are great resources of information though there are a few requirements; workers must have a work history within the last 5 years, workers must be skilled in a specialty/area, must have been declared disabled through his-her state agency. If you are someone who does not have much of a work history nor the experience, these jobs will not be for you. Much success!





Getting Hired –A site for those who are veterans and those with disabilities. The site is geared toward finding employment and providing the tools to be successful in the workforce.

Disability Job Exchange –A site for those with disabilities to find emploment. Search your state and area of expertise. Jobs do not appear to be remote.

Ability Jobs –A website for disabled workers to find employment. Must be registered to search available jobs.


Who should apply

If you’re an American who is disabled and would like to work from home, you may qualify for an online job in customer service, technical support, quality control, or many other types of work.

Legitimate at-home jobs
NTI, a nonprofit organization, has worked for over 15 years with employers, Social Security Disability Insurance, and with vocational rehabilitation services that work with disabled individuals. We match people like you with legitimate work-at-home opportunities suited to your situation and requirements.

Apply now
New job openings are arriving all the time. Apply now to be a part of NTI’s database of pre-screened, pre-qualified applicants. We’ll follow up to identify what jobs you’re interested in and try to match you with a suitable work-at-home opportunity.

Disabled Person –A site where persons with disabilities can search for employment. You can search your area or your specialty to find employment.





OPM –A government website that explains the processes, laws,and accommodations available to disabled workers seeking employment.

Career One Step –A one stop for disabled workers to find helpful resources and avenues to employment.

Trade Schools —A resource with 34 job category ideas for disabled workers.





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