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Although I’ve been writing since I was a child, I still consider myself a novice writer/beginner. I’ve never had any essays, poems, short stories, or the like published. I have also not made big bucks from my writing efforts as many claim. I don’t say that to doubt them, but to say that I have not personally found any assignments I was comfortable enough to accept.

I love writing about new job opportunities, but it does take up an awful large chunk of my time to seek other “paying” projects. I am a word addict so I’m either always buried in a book I hate to put down (Currently reading “The heart of a woman”. Maya Angelou. I’m sure you know how her words jump off a page! ??), or enthralled by an interesting article I’ve found online, jotting new ideas for business, adding to my novel, or mostly anything that surrounds words!

This post is for those of US that may still be trying to get our feet wet as authors/writers. In most job categories it is often a slow, up-hill, ¬†climb while trying to succeed as a newbie, though writing isn’t one of them. There are several opportunities for new writers to sharpen skills, and earn a good living as a writer.

Concluding Thoughts: The sites I listed today were truly focused on newbie writers like myself. Those who have experience are never discouraged from applying also. Most sites offer feedback once assignments are completed. Use the feedback to improve skill and technique. Happy writing!





Writer Acess –Seeking writers of all levels. Other writing jobs also available. Writers are paid on a level or point system and your level determines your pay.

Great Content –Content creation service seeking Writers and Editors to assist their clients.

Blasting News –Social news site where users create the news! Opportunity to earn $150/article. Pay is based on views and content engagement.

The Dollar Stretcher –Get paid for writing articles associated with saving money, budgeting, helping dollars stretch, etc.

DotWriter –Seeking Freelance Writers. Sign up. Write. Earn.

Topic Bay –You write it, they sell it.

Writer Find –A site for writers to find freelance writing jobs. They also have a newsletter available.

Absolute Write –A site for freelance writers to find writing jobs. Various assignments available. Must sign up to participate.




Recommended Tools/Resources

Grammarly –Grammar verifying tool. –A FREE online portfolio for writers to showcase their work.

Harvest –A platform for freelancers to send invoices. Charged a flat fee of $.50/transaction.

Freelance Folder –A site with resources to help freelancers to succeed.

Horkey Handbook –A FREE 5 day writing course.



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