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I wanted to include this section because I have found many resources that assist persons in this category. Of course there are regular activities available online that are open to everyone, but there are specific websites that cater to these specific categories. I find it interesting given that the “talk” around town is that new technology and the millennial way of doing things was lost to those considered to be seniors. My research has found that to be untrue. As long as you have a marketable skill, you can find a job. Perhaps you have retired, but still want to work. A work at home job would allow you the flexibility of working in your pj’s. You would be avoiding the commute to work, the price for work lunches, gas money, and other work-related expenses. When you work for yourself, many of your regular bills are eligible to be claimed as expenses on your tax return. I would say that it will take hard work and determination to complete tasks without a “boss” standing nearby, so this should be given much thought before deciding. Of course you would be held responsible for assignments requested and you fail to complete them, but when you work for yourself, the more you work, the more you earn.



I found a resource for seniors to search online for jobs. At first glance it appeared to be a site offering jobs, but after researching a bit further I discovered it to be more of a place to “search” for resources and information. Please visit the website and sign up to start searching. Feel free to return and let me know what your experience was upon your visit to the site. The website is called AARP. A familiar name, right?  They have positions from phone work to jobs for retired teachers. Visit the website. On the right side just a bit down the page, there are varied listings for retirees. Please click the link (if it doesn’t click you should be able to copy and paste it into your browser).

The next company I wanted to tell you about is called WAHVE or ‘Work At Home Vintage Experts’. This site is an insurance staffing firm that hires seniors with previous insurance experience. There is no fee to apply. Once you’ve submitted your application online if you qualify, you will immediately receive a confirmation email verifying that your information was received and that you will be contacted for a preliminary interview in a few days time. Once you’ve had your interview you will fill out an application and professional profile. I would assume they consider this their on-boarding process. Further details can be found on the website. Please be cautious of following the application process, if the site says no calls and you call, your application will be rejected: these steps will show how well applicants would follow directions/requirements for work assigned.

RetirementJobs  –I found a site that specifically caters to workers over 50 years of age. The site also has a current open positions widget that announces open positions with H&R Block, and Home Instead Senior Care. Visit the site and if they have positions available in your part of the country, applying is free.

WorkForce50 — I discovered a resource for workers who are at least 50 years of age to search for jobs in varied specialties. So if you want a ‘remote’ or ‘virtual’ job you will have search specifically for those links.

YourEncore — This site is a job placement resource for retired experts who are technical, clinicians and entrepreneurs and professionals with the expertise and desire to be creative, innovate and contribute to the success of the organization’s clients. They are currently hiring engineers, scientists, product-developers, market research experts, quality control and quality assurance experts, medical professionals, and business development managers. If this sounds like your area of expertise, visit the site and sign up.

NowCC  –This is a non-profit organization that hires in 14 states, refer to the site to see if they’re hiring in your area. I noticed positions open in Georgia, Kansas, and Colorado. Please refer to the site to verify if your state is eligible to apply.

JobsOver50 — I discovered a job-search tool for workers who are baby boomers to retirees. Try it and see if they have what you’re looking for.

RetiredBrains –An information resource for boomers, retirees, and people planning their retirement.

SER –Senior employment resources.





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