Just Because I’m Ticked!






I started my blog because I felt that I had knowledge I needed to share with others. My main focus was not about making money, I was already doing that! I’ve been making money online since 2010, so basically I took my discoveries and shared them with all of you.

I haven’t been blogging much lately because of my internet connection (WOW still sucks! ?) Or other technical issues! My PC died more than 6 months ago, so I started using my iPad. It’s been H-E double hockey sticks ever since! I still posted and tried to stay connected. Well, now my iPad wants to be brain dead and only charge when it wants to…which leaves me posting from my phone. Someone out there just doesn’t want me to blog! ??

Am I sharing this for sympathy? Absolutely not! I look to God for sympathy and support, so I’m good. I’m sharing my experiences because this is REAL life, and your LIFE can absolutely affect your business! The smallest things that would usually not bother you….may cause your blood to boil! I am so frustrated it’s not funny in the slightest! My children and Fiancé have noticed my moods have changed. I don’t feel like myself and don’t care to talk to any positive Susie’s! You know her…even when you’re gushing blood, she’s optimistic, yeah her! ?

My future “Rants” will be available by subscription only, so those already subscribed are good. ?. This is actually the nicest rant I’ve done. Lol Rants also will NOT be for those under 18 years of age. I doubt I’ll be watching my language in future rants…not my style! ?

Sooooooo tired of hearing people talk about this supposed job shortage, it’s irritating! No jobs you can do near you? Why not MOVE where the jobs are!! Or….learn….something…..NEW so you can get one of the jobs available. WE cannot change the how jobs work now, we’ve been going virtual for far too long for people to STILL be in the dark. If THIS post upsets you, you’re seriously on the WRONG blog…..this is a NICE rant! Lol



Hopefully, if technology allows, I will be able to post by tomorrow or Wednesday about more WAH jobs!  I do enjoy it and just wish LIFE would get out of the way! Pray for a sista! ??



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