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Lawyers are not left out of this new trend toward flex-work like many many think. There are several law firms that have shamelessly taken the plunge toward virtual work. Some companies are strictly virtual and do not have a physical location, though there are brick and mortars that are allowing telecommute-flexibility to be a part of their business models. I was a bit shocked to find as much as I did for lawyers to do remotely.

So, what jobs/titles would a lawyer have working remotely? Here are just a few examples: 

  • Advisor
  • Policy Drafting
  • Patent Law
  • Estate Planning
  • Corporate Transactional Attorney
  • Commercial Attorney-Legal Editor
  • Research Attorney
  • Immigration Attorney
  • Healthcare Litigation

These are just a few examples of the possible openings to lawyers who choose to work remotely. Often remote positions pay a bit more than a traditional job, of course this would vary by industry. I researched to discover what the buzz around the ‘net is about remote lawyer pay. After checking a few sources I saw rates at around $30/hour, and specialties such as ‘Supervisory Attorney‘ making as much as $152,ooo annually. I did not find as much info about pay as I would have liked, but this could be due to the signing of confidentiality agreements: if this is the case employees cannot divulge sensitive job details like pay rate.



I found a resource for those who may be thinking about moving their practice into the virtual world. It is an e-book titled: “The Independence Track: How To Succeed As A Freelance Attorney”. You can get it on Kindle for $9.99!















 I always discover so much about each field as I do my research which adds to my enthusiasm to share my discoveries. I have found quite a few in this field who work remotely part-time and feel isolated from the world. This is a possibility with any ‘work at home’ job: you may miss the camaraderie of co-workers. All-in-all, the decision to work at home should not be taken lightly…you MUST be motivated.

Concluding Thoughts: We will always be in need of legal services (not all are bad 🙂 ). Lawyers like others in the job market, are embracing more flexible work schedules. Working from home affords us more free time with our families, or being able to work with no boss looking over our shoulder! No need to start out full-time, no need to work 100 hours per week, and you’re the boss!  Take advantage of the resources provided and when in doubt…ask Google! Much success on your journey!

Law Jobs

Indeed –A job board with open remote Attorney positions.

Linkedin –A job board with open remote Attorney positions.

Simply Hired –A job board with open remote Attorney positions.

CareerJet –A job board with openings for Attorneys. Remote

Lumen Legal –Placement service for legal professionals. Contract

openings available.

Monster –A job board with open remote Attorney positions.

Career Builder –A job board with open contractor positions.

Location specific.

UpWork –A job board with open contract Attorney positions.

May be location specific.

Trial Solutions –Openings for document review Attorney and


Geller Law Group –Open remote Attorney positions.

Virtual Law –All lawyers are self-employed and work under

consultancy agreements.

Law My Way –Remote law firm. UK. Positions remote.

Telecommute Job List –Openings location specific.

Visa Pro –Openings for remote immigration Attorney.

Hire & Squire –Lawyers living the military life.

VLP –Openings for remote Attorneys.

LOD –Hiring remote lawyers.

Robert Half –Remote law jobs. May be location specific.

GAV –A resource for lawyers to find employment.

Legal Resources

WorkFromco –8 Essential tools for lawyers.

 Angel –Legal start ups looking for fresh talent. May not be remote.

Smoke Ball –Article “Can lawyers really work remotely”?

American Bar –Essential android apps for busy Attorneys.

Macs In Law –60 IOS apps for lawyers.

BCL Legal –Recruiting agency for lawyers. UK


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  1. Hello Audra. Thank you for sharing this info. It’s really great and you have so many resources and links, it’s awesome!

    I’m not in the legal field but I do know someone who is and who is living in a different country now. Do you think it’s still possible for him to continue working in the field even though he may not be in the same country as the company?

    Thanks again!

    1. Hi, Liz. I think that as long as it says ‘remote’ nothing more than an Internet connection may be needed. There are some that require you to be a resident of the USA, but even job boards can be searched internationally. Thanks for stopping by. Come back soon! 🙂

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