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Often when we speak of transcribing the focus is most often on medical or general transcription, for some reason those both seem to be most often used. However, I have noticed an up-swing in requests for Legal Transcribers.

Legal transcription does require a background and/or working knowledge of legal terms, necessary equipment needed to transcribe, a typing speed that is around 60-80+ wpm typing or 120-160 words on steno, and often 1-2 years experience. Unfortunately, these jobs are not for those new to the “Legal” field. I do believe it is possible for one who has knowledge of law and decided to transition to transcribe: knowledge of law and an adequate typing speed can get you in the door.

What does a Legal Transcriber do?

Legal transcriptionists listen to dictated recordings made by attorneys, paralegals and other legal professionals and transcribe them into legal documents. The documents they produce include correspondence, pleadings, motions, discovery, legal memoranda, agreements and time entries.

What training is necessary to become a Legal Transcriber?


According to Study, “In some cases, a high school diploma and some experience in an office or legal setting might be sufficient for one to earn an entry-level position in legal transcription. However, taking at least a few courses in legal transcription, legal terminology and law can increase one’s chance of employment. Some employers require completion of a 1- or 2-year program in legal transcription. Those working in corporate or insurance legal transcription might have to learn corporate policies and procedures, while those in law firms focus more on legal documentation and law procedures.” There is no formal degree that exists for Legal Transcribers.


What do Legal Transcribers Earn?

The US Department of Labor provides promising statistics for legal support professionals, including legal transcriptionists. The following salary figures represent the averages for legal support professionals in several top paying states as of 2015 (these numbers exclude paralegals, legal assistants, court reporters, title examiners, title abstractors, and title searchers, all of whom have their own specific statistics):
Delaware – $67,130
Washington DC – $70,940
Average salary in Oklahoma – $78,030
Average salary in Maryland – $78,940
Average salary in Virginia – $101,660
Nationally, this classification of legal support professionals earned salaries with the range of $64,530 (national average) and $122,560 (national average for those earning salaries in the top ten percent).  (Become a Paralegal )

Concluding Thoughts:  There is no formal degree that exists for Legal Transcription. Most often typing speed, legal terminology, good writer and researcher,  (Criminal Justice or Paralegal training is helpful), And computer literacy is most often the requirement. Legal workers also must be proficient in the completion of forms and documents. Much Success!





AppOne –LE Dictation job openings. Full criminal background check required. There is an initial assessment period before any vendor is able to complete client work. Therefore, it is essential that you have prior Law Enforcement transcription or court reporting experience and are able to proof your work to be at least 98% accurate. Must be able to begin immediately.

NetTranscripts –LE Dictation job openings. Spanish/English Transcriber(s) needed. Individuals who can transcribe Spanish audio content of criminal investigations, internal affairs, and various law enforcement audios. You must be fluent in English and Spanish and be able to type both languages. You must have prior English and Spanish transcription experience. No translation is involved.

Must be a US citizen currently residing in the United States.

Must pass full criminal background check.

Must have 2 years or more experience transcribing Spanish and Englidh audio.

You must type 70 wpm on a keyboard or 150 wpm on a steno.

You must have excellent grammar and proofreading skills.

Must be fluent in and able to transcribe in Spanish.

Must be fluent in and able to transcribe in English.

You must be able to type and then proof your documents to 98 percent accuracy. This is an Independent Contractor position.

SpeakWrite –Seeking Freelance Legal Transcriptionist. Set your own schedule. Must type 60 wpm with 90 percent accuracy. You must be a legal resident of the US or Canada to apply. “We do not contract with off-shore typists.” You must be fluent in English and possess a strong working knowledge of English grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

2+ years of increasingly responsible legal work in a law firm, including transcription and word processing experience, performed within the last five year period.
Specific experience and a good working knowledge of the set-up of legal pleadings, agreements, court headings, interrogatories, deposition summaries, formal correspondence, etc.
Good working knowledge of the proper format of legal citations.

Huntington Court Reporters and Transcription –Seeking LE Transcribers. “We recruit experienced transcriptionists who can work from home as independent contractors. We require no less than three years transcription experience or court reporting or voice writing students that can produce a minimum of 160 words per minute via the steno machine or voice writing technology. Keyboard typists are required to type a minimum of 60 wpm.”

CTran –Seeking LE Transcribers.

“We are constantly seeking highly skilled legal transcriptionists with a strong grasp of English grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary, who are detail-oriented and capable of following very specific instructions.

Our ideal candidate is self-reliant and self-motivated, reliable, most likely a perfectionist who enjoys words, an efficient communicator (especially with his or her employer), savvy with software applications and equipment, and has at least a year of proven legal transcription or court reporting experience.

If you are interested in our growing team, describe in a cover letter the type of legal proceedings you have transcribed, and attach to your e-mail message two or three of your redacted transcripts as samples.”

E-mail your cover letter, resume, and any redacted transcript samples to in Microsoft Word format in order to learn the next steps.

Transcription Now –Seeking to fill LE Transcriber positions.

Firstly, complete the given form.

The first stage is a written test on grammar.

✓ The second stage will be a test on your writing skills.

✓ Thirdly, we will assess your transcription skills by presenting 3 audio files having the quality levels such as excellent, good, and difficult.

CyberDictate –Seeking Legal Transcribers ONLY at this time.

PRIOR LEGAL EXPERIENCE IS A MUST! No less than 3 full years intensive legal experience in law firms within the past 5-7 years is required.
• Impeccable PROFESSIONAL References Required. (Personal references are NOT accepted)
• You MUST have extensive experience in and an excelled working knowledge of legal terminology and proper set up of legal documents (ie, pleadings, discovery, agreements, formal correspondence, etc. )
• Availability during normal business hours.
• Have a minimum typing speed of 85. NO EXCEPTIONS!!
• Work well under pressure and strict time constraints.

Deposition Services –Seeking Legal Transcribers.

DictateExpress –Seeking Legal Transcribers.

Independent Contractor (IC) status only.
Prompt semimonthly invoice payment through direct deposit.
Choose when you work.
Minimum production requirement of 45 minutes per day.
Supportive “team” environment and company culture.

There are 4 tests, Spelling, Comma Use, Confusing Words, and a 4-minute audio transcription test. These tests are “open book,” so passing scores are high (100% for Spelling, 90% for Comma Use and Confusing Words, and pass/fail review of the transcription test). “You must pass each test in order to proceed to the next test. Once you pass all 4 tests, you will have access to our online application. Be sure to read the instructions for each test carefully.”

Preferred Transcription –Seeking Legal Transcribers. A minimum of 1 year experience transcribing legal or verbatim dictation. You must own your own computer with active antivirus software, MSWord and internet capability. You should have an excellent command of the English language and the ability to proofread your work accurately. You must be willing to work at least 20 hours a week, complete assigned work within a given turnaround time and be willing to sign a confidentiality agreement.

Send Your Resume:
Fax: (610) 539-9245

StenTel –Seeking Legal Transcribers.

You must have legal or insurance experience to apply for these openings.
You must reside in the U.S., and be able to prove this. Offshore workers will not be considered under any circumstances.

Starting rates are based upon experience, with additional increases based on quantity & quality of work produced. Production rates are in line with industry standards. This is an Independent Contractor position.

Task –Seeking Legal Transcribers.

This opportunity is for GENERAL/LEGAL TRANSCRIPTION; it is NOT medical transcription. “Our typists transcribe letters and reports for attorneys and companies associated with California Workers’ Compensation (CA WC) on a daily basis. Weekday, weeknight and weekend work is available.”

You will work from home as independent contractors for TASK.

3 years transcription experience
Legal experience desired, but not essential. However, no consideration given to anyone currently working in any capacity for any TASK client.

TransExpress –Seeking to fill Transcriber positions specializes in Legal Transcription as well as Medical and General. This is an independent contractor position.




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