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I am always hesitant when posting certain earning opportunities. Paid to click websites are definitely not as stable today as they were about 7 years ago when I tried quite a few sites. Any time we attempt to earn online there is a risk but especially when we deal with paid to click sites. Why such pause? Let us examine firstly what Paid to Click is.

What is Paid To Click


Advertising websites that allow users to earn by “clicking or viewing” advertisements that have been placed on the site. Usually the length of the ad determines what the incentive is for the ad. Adds viewed for longer blocks (5 sec, 15 sec, 30 sec, 60 sec) pay more per view. For instance, a site viewed for 5 seconds would earn .001, a 15 second ad would earn .005, a 30 second ad would earn .01 and a 60 second ad would earn .02. This is just an example of possible earnings, a site may pay more or less for ad views than as described.

Other ways to earn

There are usually several other ways to earn on these sites as they have adopted offer walls which are portals provided by their advertisers that are used to try apps, watch videos, try products and offers, complete surveys, shop online and more. Many sites also offer an option to earn from referring other members. Those with huge social followings can do well here.



We have to be cautious when there are new sites being created and we must keep a close eye on those that have been around for years and may be slowly declining in usage and advertising sales. Yes! These sites are for advertisers, so in order for everyone to make money there needs to be advertisements to view, and people present to view those ads. Often obtaining members for new sites may be difficult. I try to veer away from new sites, though I will try them if the cash out threshold is fairly low just to see how and if they pay their users: usually $1 or less. You want to make sure the site you are signing up with has current verifiable proof that users are being paid.

When they turn SCAM 


Often sites that are not retaining regular users start losing money. The site is paid like most sites we use, for what their visitors do on the site. So if their numbers decrease with regard to regular clickers/users, they are not really earning except from the ads being placed. Eventually once advertisers realize this, they pull their ads from the site decreasing revenue(s) even more. The scam factor is added because users may still purchase upgrades or other perks to earn more. Bigger more popular sites even offer users a chance to rent other users as referrals and earn from their actions. The actions go unpaid usually and eventually if the site isn’t totally abandoned, it will eventually close abruptly leaving users unpaid and having not received payment for items. Many sites I’ve earned good money from over the last few years are no longer operating.

Great way for newbies to earn

Paid to click sites were one of the first methods I used when I first attempted to earn online years ago. They were also the first to pay me straight to my PayPal account! I believe this is a good place for newbies to start because I learned much of what I know about marketing and many other subjects by viewing ads on PTC websites. Users also learn about other interesting earning opportunities. You can start off FREE on most sites and it is smart to do so: Wasting time is one thing, wasting money is totally unnecessary. If I can’t try something free usually I won’t try it. Just because others are successful at it does not mean you will be.

I’ve earned quite a bit through PTC over the years and have lost some too. There are people out there that claim to be making $100’s/day (they must have thousands in their down lines), but I have not made anywhere near that. I have earn $2-$3/day on sites, in my opinion that seems more attainable. Beware of those sites with outrageous claims of earning $1, $10,  or even $100/click, because it doesn’t make sense! If the ads they run only cost $30/month, how are you earning all that money just to view the ad? Doesn’t add up! ??

Concluding Thoughts:  These opportunities run rampant across the Internet (new sites open daily) but I cannot vouche for many of those, especially if I’ve never had experiences with them. This list is of the sites I have tried and/or have seen thriving and continuing to pay users. This is an extra money opportunity. Happy earning!




PTC Sites

Neobux –Popular site that allows referral rentals. Cash out threshold is $2. Pays via PayPal, Payza, Neteller, Skrill.

Clixsense –Popular PTC site. Cash Out threshold for premium users is $6 and the threshold for regular users is $8. Pays via PayPal or check. Must have $50 to request a check. (Paid me more than $300)

Cashtravel –A PTC site that I use frequently with a low cash out of 5 cents. Also has offer walls and other ways to earn. (Paid me more than $25).

Clixten –A PTC site where users view ads for payment. The site’s ads say cash out is $2, but I’m thinking that has changed (which they can do at any time) because I cannot request payment until my balance has reached $4. Pays via PayPal. (Paid me more than $5).

BuxInside –A PTC site where users earn viewing advertising. Low cash out of only 10 cents. Several cash out options like; PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, Bitcoin, and more.

Innocurrent –A PTC site where users earn viewing advertisements. Cash out via PayPal, Payza and several gift card options minimum pay out is $5.

Buxvertise –A PTC site where users can earn by viewing ads. There are also offer walls available. Cash out threshold is $2, Pays via PayPal, Payza, Solid Trust Pay, Neteller, and more.

BuxP –A paid to click site with various ways to earn. Earn from your referrals. Users can request payment once they’ve obtained a balance of at least $6.99. Pays via PayPal, Payza. (Paid me more than $14)

FamilyClix –A PTC site where users earn viewing ads. Cash out threshold is $2. Pays via Payza, Payeer, Bitcoin, Perfect Money.

Wordlinx –A PTC site that has a good reputation online. Users are paid to view ads. You can also earn points to convert to advertisements or to cash. Cash out threshold is $10. Pays via PayPal. (Paid me $10)

Paidverts –A PTC site where users earn by viewing ads, with a twist! Paid ads will be delivered to your account daily. All you have to do is copy 3 lines of text about the ad. And then visit the website for up to 30 seconds to unlock your instant cash payment. Bonus Ad Points are how we measure your proven value to prospective advertisers. The more you accumulate, the larger value ads your account will gain priority in receiving. Pay out minimum is $2. Pays via Payoneer, Bitcoin, Payza, Perfect Money, and more.

ClixBlue –A PTC site where users earn by viewing ads. Cash out threshold of $5. Pays via Payza, Perfect Money, Bitcoin and more.

Honest PTC –A PTC site where users earn by viewing ads. Cash out threshold is low at $1.50. Pays via PayPal.

BTC Clicks –Earn Bitcoin for viewing ads. Pays to your Bitcoin wallet. Approximately .00609 mBTC. Minimum pay out is .10000 mBTC.



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  1. Hi there! I just finished reading your article on paid to click sites and just had to drop you a quick comment. At first when I saw your article I thought you were going to talk about how most of these sites were scams. Like yourself, I too started out using paid to click sites to try and make money online. However, despite joining several sites and spending hours clicking ads, I didn’t get paid a penny.

    At the time I even checked with reviews online and found a site that had been paying out ok. But once I reached the payment threshold, the site cancelled my membership!

    I’m actually quite surprised that you have found sites that actually pay you. Although it was quite some time ago when I tried it, it left me never wanting to try anything like this ever again.

    I know a lot of these sites encourage building down-lines but it all seems like a lot of effort for very little pay at best. Or am I missing something?

    1. No, you’re spot on, Andrew! I definitely consider these extra money sites. Most only cash out at $2 and there are many that have no cash out limits. This is not something that would sustain a household, but any extra money these days comes in handy. I believe upgrading is only beneficial to those with large downlines, though it took me longer to earn I still earned without any referrals. Some claim to be creating stable incomes from these sites, but I’ve only earned a few dollars here and there. Thanks so much for stopping by today. ?

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