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I always thought that the librarian was there to verify the checking out of books, and to help patrons find what they’re looking for in the library. My research has taught me quite a bit more about what librarians are really paid to do!

I decided to tackle this job category because of the upswing in online learning. Many institutions online hire virtual workers, so I assumed there would be openings for librarians. I remember in college having to consult with them (the librarians) on several separate occasions.

What Do Librarians do?

A librarian is a person who works professionally in a library, providing access to information and sometimes social or technical programming.

What education/training is required to become a librarian?

According to Study: Most library positions entail master’s degrees in library science or a specialty of the field. Librarians in public schools may need to be certified, which often requires a teaching certification. While some librarians hold degrees in general library or information science, others pursue specialty degrees in concentrations of the field, such as school, archival or art librarianship. Specialization may be required for some positions.

How much do librarians earn?

In May 2013, the BLS reported that librarians earned on average $57,550 per year. Many librarians worked in elementary and secondary schools, earning an average annual wage of $59,560. The highest paying positions were in the federal branch of the government, which offered an average annual wage $81,500. —Study.





What does the future hold for librarians?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), librarian employment is projected to grow seven percent from 2012-2022 ( Librarians will be needed to manage employees and help people with research and reference questions. Demand for librarians will be hindered by budget decreases and greater usage of electronic resources, which require less maintenance and are easier to navigate. Job opportunities may also be reduced through the hiring of library assistants and technicians to replace librarians. Study.

It seems as though this is a job category that will eventually be phased out by advances in technology. I believed that we were always in need of librarians, but quite frankly have seen more libraries close in recent years than ever before.

With the opening of so many online schools I was of the thinking that library jobs would have increased, though it seems the opposite is occurring. As I research further I am discovering that with as many positives that technology brings, there are just as many negatives trailing not far behind!

Concluding Thoughts: Though there are jobs available as a librarian and the salary is definitely an eye-catcher, it has been discovered that the librarian position is slowly being eliminated due to technological advances. Our latest technologies can do what librarians do and faster! If you’re interested in becoming a librarian, I would look to see what job prospects look like before delving in! Much success!



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remote or telecommute.




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