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Most of us don’t mind Chatting, even with strangers as long as the conversation progresses or follows a path we have interest in. In general we chat often, standing in line, waiting for an operator to retrieve our data from their databases, when we receive emails that require a response, and yes, even on social media. So why wouldn’t we take advantage of opportunities to earn from our conversations? 

  I found a few opportunities where Chatters can earn from home and thought I’d share to prospective chatters. You can work when you want to with these positions, of course the more hours you work, the more money you will earn. If these opportunities don’t interest you, you’re welcome to visit a previous post titled “Email and Chat Support Jobs” to find more opportunities.

Concluding Thoughts: A couple of these opportunities are for those who choose to be their own bosses and control their own finances, everyone is not ready to be a boss. Don’t be intimidated! You can work as little or as much as you choose to according to each platform’s rules/guidelines: I noticed only 2 sites that have minimums to adhere to. We all chat for free regularly, now we can choose to be paid to do it! Much success!!


SKYO —A platform for influencers to engage their followers. What a great idea! When you register, you get a local mobile number that is set up for your country of residence (so I’m assuming its Worldwide). It is set up through SKYO this is where your followers/supporters will send you messages. In order for your followers to know about this unique opportunity it is important to use social media, blogs and other channels to let your followers know how they can get in touch.

Now that the followers know your phone number you can share and provide personal information with them and other insights they otherwise would not get. Create bonds, advice and make new friends. You set up the fees to chat with your followers, and they would sign up with a credit/debit card to receive and continue chats. Chatters are paid on the 20th of each month based on calls from the previous month.

Telework Central Seeking to hire chat operators to work from home. “Looking for reliable Chat Operators to answer our incoming chat traffic. This traffic is originated from various dating and/or adult websites (this is NOT customer service work!) “If you are interested in joining our team, please do not hesitate to apply for a position.” Experience is preferred but not essential.” Reliable high speed internet connection. Ability to read and write English fluently. Citizen of United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, or New Zealand.  Freelance work-at-home job. Scheduled, at least 15 hours a week. Base pay is 7.5 Eurocent per message. If you average 100+ messages a day, pay is 8 Eurocent per message instead. Adults only!

Simplrflex — A platform for freelancers to earn from home and work when they want to. Sign into the platform and start Chatting when you are ready to work. You can say goodbye to those dead-end work meetings. Simplr allows you to be your own boss, set your own schedule, and earn as much as you want. You can answer tickets from home or your favorite coffee shop! Contact them by email with questions.

6ya –6ya allows professional experts to earn money by providing quick help to customers over the phone. Get paid for every call you take. Create your own schedule. Calls are no longer than 6 minutes. There will be a phone interview. App available on Google Play and iTunes.

ChatShop –Seeking to fill Live Chat Agent positions. Native-Level English, ability to multi task, typing speed of 80+ wpm error free. Availability of 35-40/hours per week required. Remote. 

Cloudworkers –We are looking for motivated chat moderators for high quality written adult dialogues on our chat platforms. This interesting activity is carried out exclusively from home in a cozy and friendly working atmosphere. On the other hand, you also work as a freelancer which gives you a certain level of choice and freedom in your work-balance life that doesn’t exist with standard jobs.

The job consists of chatting with customers on an online social community via a web-based interface. The moderators can benefit from our years of experience as one of the most successful and respected chat moderation companies based in Europe. In order to provide a consistent level of quality, our moderators receive regular trainings by qualified trainers and team leaders in respect to communication skills. Having experience in chat moderation would be advantageous, but is not the ultimate requirement or skill needed to succeed. So, even those with no prior experience can apply for the position! Both experienced moderators and those with less experience are trained extensively by the team leads and trainers.

Upcall — Apply to Upcall and answer a few questions about yourself, they will also test your voice and calling skills. Earn a base pay per minute on the phone + bonuses! You can even earn tips for going above and beyond and helping Campaigners really understand their customers.

SexyJobs –A job board for Adult industry chat jobs. Other openings available. Interesting work for those with vivid imaginations and enjoy role playing. Adults only! 



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  1. I have been working with SimplrFlex for almost 8 months. I can assure you it is not a scam and the people there are super courteous. However, this is not going to be something you want to rely on as a sole source of income.

    1. Hello, Marina. Simplrflex is a fairly new site, so it hasn’t been officially reviewed as of yet. After users have tried a site or waited on or received payment is usually when we see reviews. Until those things occur there is not much to review. You could always be the first! I hope this helps. Much success to you!

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