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Making Money With Twitter




There are so many neat ways for us to earn online. I wish I could test them all, but of course that would take a bit of time and effort. I have noticed the increase in earning opportunities for those who have large social followings. If you have thousands or millions of followers, these sites can potentially help you earn good money, just by advertising others sales and promotions. Keep in mind, most affiliate ad sites allow users to advertise socially, so it (most Afilliate ad sites you use) could be used across your social networks to help create income.

We all share things regularly, that’s basically a big part of what social media is, so why not try to earn a few dollars while you continue to do what you want? It makes sense to me! We all create billions of dollars in income for many social sites, but how much of it do users see? Usually, none of it!

These sites listed allow users to attain some revenue by advertising via their social networks. Social Media is extremely important when attempting to start, advertise, or propel a business idea forward. We all (many of us) use it, now let’s reap some of the benefits!

Concluding Thoughts: Take advantage of the resources listed here. Those with large social followings can potentially do well using this method. The resources listed are to help grow your social following and-or to help with methods to use to be successful. 






Sponsored Tweets –Participating Marketers create and list opportunities (“Opportunities”) in the Marketplace, which offer Creators the chance to receive compensation in exchange for creating and/or distributing sponsored social content and/or performing an action through their social network. All Opportunities accepted by the Creator must comply with the requirements set forth by the Marketer (herein referred to as the “Requirements”) in the Opportunity.

TwitPub –Make money as you Tweet! Get rewarded with 80 percent payout. Fast payment and scale quicker while you generate earnings with TwitPub’s innovative business model. Minimum payout $25/PayPal or $50 check.

Twittad –A platform for users to earn from his-her Twitter account. The entire platform is in German. Minimum payout is $30.

adly –A platform to monetize your social networks. Works across platforms like Facbook and Twitter. Minimum payout is $50. Pays via PayPal or check.

Mylikes –Share ad campaigns with your social following and earn with each interaction with those ads.

Viraliti –Viraliti is the adwords for Social Media. Viraliti works on a cost per click model so you can earn money for every click that your sponsored tweets receive. Join now and start earning money from home. Payout minimum is $30. Pays via PayPal.

Speakr –Earn through your social influence. Receive and accept offers from major brand advertisers.

Clixgalore –Afilliate marketplace. Advertise their sales and earn commissions or earn by using CPA type ads.

Paid Per Tweet –Get paid to create buzz for companies! You can set your price to Tweet website links, press releases, products promos, services, and companies and help companies gain exposure. PaidPerTweet allows you to monetize your social network accounts.





101Geek –“How to become Twitter famous”.

Pablo –Create your own quote images here. Free to use.

CoPromote –A platform to increase Twitter following by retrweeting and interacting with those who respond to your tweets.

Conversational ads –A new feature within the Twitter platform, that allows advertisers to create better customer engagement.

Twidium –An app for desktop PC users to advertise their Twitter accounts to other users and potentially grow following.






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