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Working in Media means different things to different people. Most often when we refer to Media we are referencing actual news sources that we regularly view. There used to be a time when Media meant news people and that was it. Today Media takes on many different forms. Though one may locate a few to perform from home, most Media jobs are in the field researching or working in specific locations.

What is a Media Industry Job? 

Editorial: Writers create written and visual content.

Advertising: This could be lucrative due to the high demand for effective advertisements. Advertising is usually 70-80 percent of an organization’s budget.

Graphic Design: Designers are needed in Media to help with branding, marketing, and advertising.

Marketing: These persons promote an organization’s products and services to the public.

Public Relations: These persons promote and maintain an organization’s positive reputation.

These are just a few categories within the industry. As with every category there can be jobs in every area of the business, not just those that are popular or regularly highlighted.

How much training is needed to obtain a Job in Media?

Though there is an option to obtain a Master Degree in the field, there are opportunities to obtain a position at the entry-level. Your training would be based on what aspect of Media your focus is in. In this instance (beginners), it may be wise to try freelance websites to complete small jobs and fain experience.

How much do Media Professionals earn?

I retrieved salary info ranging from $30-$100,000 + per year. Salaries are so varied due to the varied positions one may have in the Media Industry.

Concluding Thoughts: It does not seem to be a requirement to obtain a degree to become a Media Professional. Depending on your desired position one could earn upwards of $100,000/annually. In whatever you do, give it your best shot! You only get one first impression! Much success! 




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