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This is a position that requires special training and-or certification to be considered. You have to possess medical knowledge as well as knowledge of which codes should be used and how. Most of us have seen number batches on hospital or other medical forms, those number batches are billing codes. What is medical billing and coding? Google says “Medical billing and coding workers are the health care professionals in charge of processing patient data such as treatment records and related insurance information. Medical insurance billers and coders are tasked with coding a patient’s diagnosis along with a request for payments from the patient’s insurance company.”

The medical billiers and coders are the go-betweens of the doctors and insurance companies. The medical codes are what doctors and insurance companies examine after a patient’s treatment to determine; what the symptoms were, what diagnosis was given, what medications and treatment were prescribed, and how much (if any) each patient owes at the end of each visit. I can imagine this may be the reason it takes time to receive discharge papers at appointment’s end: the waiting on a response from an insurance provider.

These are the qualifications required to be offered a position. I also wanted to state that jobs listed as entry-level still require work experience of at least 6 months to 1 year;

  • RHIA Registered health information administrator (4-year degree)
  • RHIT Registered health information technician (2-year degree)
  • CCS Certified coding specialist
  • CCS-P Certified coding specialist, physician-based
  • CPC Certified professional coder
  • CPC- H – Certified professional coder, hospital-based



So where does a beginner in this field go to obtain employment? That is a good question! In my search for jobs for beginners, only a few choices came up in the results on every page, which was frustrating. The only options made available were for those with experience or those seeking further training. It has to be frustrating as worker who has completed necessary training in a particular field and there aren’t many positions for newbies! Doesn’t make much sense, does it? This is why I research these positions: To uncover things we may not have known previously. Quite possibly if you are a newbie, there are no ‘remote’ positions you would qualify for, perhaps these positions are left to those who need less guidance!

There is certainly enough training for those who are interested in the industry, and because we will forever be in need of medical services, there should be no problem obtaining employment once enough training has been established. Positions may also depend on the type of training or institution one received training from. Often if the learning institution isn’t recognized or revered within the industry, whatever certifications they offer hold no weight as adequate certification. 

Is medical billing a field I find easy to get into? No! There doesn’t seem to be many choices for those who are recent graduates to obtain employment. As I stated earlier, this may only be associated with virtual positions which is what my research is based on. If you are a newbie and have typing experience maybe you would like to try transcription: there are many sites that offer positions to beginners.

If you are a Kindle unlimited subscriber, I’ve found a FREE resource for you of “60 Companies that hire medical coders”. If you are not a subscriber it is still a bargain at only $2.99.

medical billing e book


Concluding Thoughts: Though there are several positions within the medical field that don’t require much training, medical billing and coding does not seem to be one of them. Most positions call for 1 year or more of experience within the industry to be considered a candidate for open positions. Consider the training and other resources I’ve provided to help in your search. In Bocca Al Lupo!


Entry Level Jobs

Career Builder –A job board with open entry-level positions.

Jobvertise –A job board with open positions exp. and in-exp. OK.

JobsGalore –A job board with openings for entry-level and

experienced coders.

Codebusters –Hires ‘remote coders’. Newbies with at least 6

months experience.


Experienced Only

Indeed –A job board with open medical billing and coding positions.

SimplyHired –A job board with open medical billing and coding positions.

LinkedIn –A job board with open medical billing and coding positions.

Maxim –Open remote medical coding positions.

Zip Recruiter –Open remote medical coding positions.

Facebook –A community for medical coders to find employment.

Lahima -A job board with open medical billing and coding positions.

Upwork –A job board with open medical billing and coding positions.

QIRT –Hiring coding staff. USA

Government Jobs –Open coding positions.

Aerotek –A job board with open medical billing and coding positions.

DMC –Detroit Medical Center has openings for remote coders.

Advanced MD –Hires coders with at least 1 year experience in the field.



MB&C –Everything you need to get started in medical billing and coding.

Linkedin “Medical Coding Certification, Salary and Job Description-9 facts

you need to know”.

Decision Health –A resource for medical coders.

MCS –Tips from the pros.

Everett –Info and job outlook.

Classes –Pertinent info about training.

Andrew –Work and-or train in medical billing and coding.

Claim Care –Best resources for coders.

Career Step -Medical billing and coding training. Popular in the community

and field.

All Things –A great resource for info about everything medical billing.

MBC –Great industry resource. Lists job sites.


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  1. Hi, is this website for real? send me a list of all the jobs you have available. I love your website!


  2. I was interested in Medical coding for a while, but found it hard to get into. I don’t know if I will follow up on this or not. Thanks for the article, you gave me good insights on what to look for. I would like to work from home, but medical coding doesn’t look like it’s for me. Thanks!

    1. Hi, Liz. It doesn’t seem like an easy field to get into! Beginners actually have it hard in every field! Lol I hope you find the WAH job that fits your needs soon! Thanks for stopping by, love. Come back soon! 🙂

  3. That’s good to know. I have been considering returning to school and pursuing a degree. I have though about medical billing many times but frankly I really didn’t know much about it or the requirements. As far as finding a job as a newbie it seems like it is a problem in every field. Companies don’t want to teach anyone. They want someone who can come in and just run with it. Great information.

    1. Hi, Eloah. You’re absolutely right! It just burns me up that most employers refuse to train anymore! Thank god for the internet, we can find ways to supplement or create incomes. Glad you stopped by. Come again soon! 🙂

  4. Audra;

    I belive that when companies post positions they seem to be looking for super people. I found just applying may yield results. You stated that many medical billing positions are done remotely and this may present a different set of problems for the entry level candidate.

    1. Hi, Tony. All of the positions I research are ‘usually’ for virtual employment, though I also research fields that interest me. The positions I research are for ‘remote’ workers. So a newbie would not have much success obtaining positions for remote work. You are right, employers often want ‘super’ employees per their requirements. lol Thanks for stopping by. Come again soon. 🙂

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