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My dream job has always been one I could work when I wanted to. Most of us know schedules and deadlines are necessary for most work, but fortunately for those of us who work remotely, that isn’t always true. There are many companies that have noticed the trend of remote workers and also those who may not possess advanced skill-sets. For these reasons there have been many companies that take one large project and divide it into several little projects.

By doing this the companies are creating ‘micro-jobs’ that can be performed by several people. Most times these jobs are considered micro because the pay is fairly low and because the task should take little time to complete. Many of these positions also allow you to work when you have time: a company may need you 30 hours per week, but it is your choice when to work those 30 hours.

There are several companies that require ‘contractors’ or workers who provide their time and usually their own equipment to complete assignments and tasks. I’d have to admit though, that the ones that have gained my attention are those that require skill testing to earn more. Cool, right? Freelance work has taken the internet and working from home to a new level. There are all types of jobs available and for all age groups with an interest.


Court Researcher

These jobs are associated with actual “research” of court documents. Of course this would not be considered a remote position because you do have to physically go to the court to perform the research. These jobs usually do not pay by the hour, but usually by-the-piece. An organization may be in the insurance industry for example, and as a court researcher for them you would locate a deed. The data you must access is free and ‘public record’ for ease of access.  In this position you may earn more as you become a better researcher. Here I have listed a few companies that hire Court Researchers;

DeedCollector –This is an opportunity to become your own boss, create your own schedule, and work when you want to. Company seeks agents to collect data from public mortgage documents. Position  Open across the USA.

BackgroundProfiles–This is an insurance agency that contracts researchers to locate pertinent information. Not currently hiring, check back frequently.

JBS –This company hires court researchers. Researchers may be asked to locate mortgages, marriage records, tax liens, etc,. Applicants will need a cell-phone and a laptop. The larger the county you research in, the more assignments will be available.

Sunlark –This company hires for court research. Positions currently open.

AccurateBackground –Hires court researchers around the globe. Currently hiring.

InformationTechnologies –Hires court researchers/data collectors.

ITBoss –Hires court researchers. Positions currently open.

WRPProfessionals –This company hires court researchers. Positions currently open.

TaxSalesLists –Hires court researchers. Long distance phone service required. Hours vary by territory, but should average out to 10-20 hours per week, where some territories will require 20-30 hours per week. Must work during normal business hours.

ABC –Hires researchers to perform title searches. criminal background checks, and document retrieval.

OneLegal –This company is looking to hire professionals with demonstrated ability in the legal field. Currently seeking process servers, court filers, courtesy copy deliverers, research and document retrieval.

ITR –This company hires for various court house title search, and record retrieval positions.

MailCo –This company hires court researchers. Must have a laptop.

MGS –This company hires court researchers.

WSS –A wholesale screening company that hires researchers.

Sentinel –This company hires researchers, they specialize in criminal records.

OmniData –This company hires data retrievers/researchers.

CourtCouriers –This company hires researchers. Check felony, misdemeanor, and/or civil records.

FNA –Hires part-time researchers. Though newbies are encouraged to apply, experience is preferred.




I decided to add another job category that may require less skill than the researcher position, but is still somehow connected to the court. Have you ever heard of a ‘mock jury’? There are several companies that require the assistance of mock jurors. What that entails is usually a real-life case that has not been brought before a judge, but the lawyers and those involved want feedback on the case and possible outcomes. Most of these jobs pay as soon as the ‘process’ is complete; around $5-$8.

I wouldn’t consider this something to be considered as full-time because cases are too few and too far between, but it’s interesting nonetheless. I have personally been a mock juror twice and enjoyed the experience and my whopping $12 reward. If you have never served on a jury, or have served on a jury and enjoyed the experience, give this a try, you don’t have to leave home everything is handled online. Here is a list of the companies I know of that look for mock jurors.

Mock Jurors

SignupDirect –Seeking mock jurors with military experience to apply.

TrialJuries –Hires contractors for mock jury.

OnlineVerdict–Hires mock jurors.

Ejury –Seeking mock jurors.

JuryTalk –Seeking research jurors for mock trials.

ResolutionResearch –Seeking mock jurors.

JuryTest –Seeking mock jurors.

TheAdvocates –Seeking mock jurors.

ProbeMarket –Seeking mock jurors.




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  1. Hi Audra,
    very interesting post, i was totally ignoring of this kind of Job opportunities in this field.
    what i don’t have clear is about this mock juror. You say that is a job that you can do from home, how that work and how a democratic vote can take place?


    1. Hi, Andrea. Being a ‘Mock Juror’ is a virtual position. What the user does is examine facts of the case (sign a disclosure agreement), and once you’ve given your feedback and they receive all responses, your are paid immediately. The company basically wants public feedback on the documents and facts in an upcoming trial. The cases are real, they just have yet to be before a judge. I hope I’ve answered your question. You can research further by visiting a few of the websites. 🙂

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