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There are always tons of free apps to try, but my favorites are usually the ones that can make users money. And believe it or not there are tons of those too. For those of you who are new to the concept here it is explained as clear as I can get it. There are apps created daily and to gain recognition for those apps, often developers will offer users a reward if they download and try their app. Most times there is a greater incentive if the user also leaves a rating/comment regarding the apps performance or whether or not they enjoyed the app.

The more actions you complete, the more money you will earn. I think that’s pretty neat to be able to earn a few dollars here and there all from an app. I have also discovered apps that are more like “gigs” for users to complete and not necessarily anything to do with downloading apps. I enjoy it because I am bored easily, so variety helps avoid boredom.

The best advice I could give for earning this way would be to sign up for several at a time in order to decide which ones work best for you. Just because I tell you about an opportunity to earn does not mean your experiences will be similar to mine or anyone else’s. I have often made a list of my favorites and used certain apps for a time, then uninstalled them to try others. (there’s only so much space on your phone). ūüôā ¬†Many of the tasks can be completed by younger people also unless the site specifies an age limit.


Foap¬†–Earn cash by taking photos. Android/IOS

FieldAgent¬†–Get paid to complete small tasks, errands. Android/IOS

Ibotta¬†–Earn cash from your everyday purchases. Take photos of your receipts and be rewarded. Android/IOS

ReceiptHog¬†–Get paid for your regular purchases. Upload your receipts and get cash back. Android/IOS

NCPOnline¬†–Get paid to share your shopping experiences. Popular survey site that now has an app. Andriod/IOS

iPoll¬†–Earn by taking surveys. They also have a website. Android/IOS

Apptrailers¬†–Get paid to try new apps, watch videos and more. Cash out via PayPal or other gift card reward options. Android/IOS

GigWalk¬†–This is an app that pays you to complete tasks or “gigs”. Could be anything from office work to regular errands. Android/IOS

Clashot¬†–Earn by taking photos with your phone and selling them. Android/IOS

Mobee¬†–Get paid to complete mystery shops near you. Android/IOS

SurveysOnTheGo¬†–An app that pays you to complete surveys. Android/IOS

IconZoomer¬†–Complete photo assignments and get paid upon submission. Android/IOS

EzyShot¬†–It is a social-Network platform. Here users can upload content and invite friends. Depending on your network

size the money-making potential could be big. Android/IOS

EasyShift¬†–Complete tasks and get paid. Android/IOS

Qustodian¬†–Watch personalized ads on your mobile phone based on your interests. Android/IOS/Blackberry

Roamler¬†–Complete tasks and get paid. ¬†Available in UK, United Kingdom, Belgium,

South Africa, Chile, Columbia, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland,

Spain, Sweden and Turkey.

Streetspotr¬†–Earn cash on the go. Complete tasks and earn. Android/IOS




Jingit¬†–Earn while you shop. Android/IOS

IQ¬†–Answer surveys and get paid. Android/IOS

SnapWire¬†–Earn money with your photos. Android/IOS

VoicePolls¬†–Get rewarded for taking surveys. Android/IOS

Task360¬†–Complete tasks and get paid. Android/IOS

iSecretShop¬†–Get paid to perform mystery shops. Android/IOS

TaskRabbit¬†–Earn money by completing tasks. Android/IOS

ShopAlong¬†–Get paid for completing assignments. Android/IOS

ClicandWalk¬†–Make money from your smart phone by completing photo missions. Android/IOS

Tapporo¬†–Get rewarded for completing small tasks. Cash out as low as $5 via PayPal. Android/IOS

WHAFF¬†–Complete small tasks and get paid. Pay out is $10 via PayPal. Android/IOS

VoxPopme¬†–Get paid to complete short video surveys. $15 minimum to request payment via PayPal. Android/IOS

Rewardable¬†–Get paid while you shop, snap a photo, answer questions and get paid. Android/IOS

SurveyMerchandiser¬†–Get paid for completing assignments. Connected with ‘Surveys on the

go’ will benefit¬†you to¬†have¬†them both. Android/IOS

VOIQ¬†–Earn money by making calls from your smartphone. 1 year of customer

service/phone sales preferred. Create your own schedule. Android/IOS




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  1. Hi Audra I didn’t know they had such things. I never knew you can make money off of little apps. I’m so glad I read this article because now I can use them to my advantage. Thank you for putting out a list of the apps, makes things so much easier. I love this article and I’m going to give it shot. Have a good one.

  2. Oh wow, that is an awesome list of apps to try! Have you personally tried Foap? That looks interesting.

    I’ve tried a lot of surveys websites, PTC and tasks etc and the pay is really low. But taking pics is something I might find fun.

  3. Hi, Dan. There are tons of apps that make you money. The best ones have the most positive reviews and huge download numbers. Thanks so much for stopping by. ūüôā

  4. Great post, I had no idea you could make money using apps.
    I guess the rewards wouldn’t be worth sitting at home all day going through them but it sounds like it’s a win win if they tie in with your daily routine.
    Thanks for the info.

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