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Hello, WAH family. Again I want to Thank You for your continued patience as I continue to work out some of the bugs with the website. I was fortunate enough to be able to purchase a laptop so, hopefully we can keep this show on the road.

I’m writing today about more pay per task jobs I’ve found that even our teens can do. Most sites without age information allow users to sign up who are at least 13-14 years of age (old enough to post on social media). Though sign up and use of most payment platforms (PayPal, Payza) require users to be at least 18 years of age, so you’d need parental permission/assistance to use them.

There are several ways teens can earn online as well as adults. The opportunities I’ve listed today are new to my blog–with the exception of Postloop, though you may have heard of them or seen other bloggers mention them. Along with those listed, there are many different ways to earn online as a teen, so don’t think you’re stuck doing only surveys.

Tips for teens earning online:

Search for social media type jobs. Teens seem to be the best at using social media, so why not earn from your efforts. Often users with a large following are asked to advertise to their network(s).

Try surveys, if they’re geared toward teens, you will probably qualify and many pay well.

Tutoring remains my favorite job for teens because what you’ve learned so far is still fresh in your mind, many students need your help with coursework, or you can tutor others learning English, usually referred to as ESL learning.

Try paid-to-click. Advertisers pay us to view ads now because technology has allowed us to skip/avoid commercials. You won’t get rich, but with a few referrals you can increase your earning potential.

Write/Create something. Fresh, new, talent will always be sought by organizations new and old. If you draw are a good writer or perhaps love graphics and cartoons, your talent may be needed.

If these sites aren’t quite what you were looking for feel free to visit previous posts to view/visit other earning sites/apps to make money.


Play games and earn money

Free time income

Data entry




Study Soup


A platform for students who take good notes to sell them. If you’re a good note taker in school and you often are bugged for your notes, this may be for you. Users can upload notes once per week for 10 weeks and will earn $5 for each set. Users paid once they’ve reached a balance of at least $50. Users are also paid $5 for each referral who signs up, takes the note taking training, and uploads their first notes. Pays via PayPal.

The Forum Wheel

A platform where users can earn by posting on forums. There are no strict requirements and you can cash in your earnings at any time. The more you post, the more you earn. Here at The Forum Wheel there’s no limit to what you can make! ✓ No strict requirements ✓ No limit to what you can earn ✓ Have fun while earning money. Pays via PayPal.






A platform where users earn by posting on blogs and forums. They had closed down previously though it seems temporarily and are accepting new writers again. Users must earn at least $5 to request payment via PayPal.






A platform where users are paid to complete tasks like taking surveys, promoting links on social media (earn $0.50 per validated promotion), refer others and earn $1 per sign up, downloading and promoting apps can earn you $1-$10. Promote their products, movies and courses and earn $25-$150/sale. Users can request payment once they’ve earned at least $50. Earn a bonus of $10 at sign up. Pays via PayPal, Payza, Skrill, Payoneer, and Wire transfer ($100 minimum). Payments sent out on a NET30 basis.









An app where users can earn free cash and giftcards by watching videos, earn by referring others, earn 20 points on daily check-ins. Fairly new Pays via PayPal and Amazon giftcards. App available on Google Play.




A platform to tutor students in learning English. Users must be 18 years of age. No experience required. Users must be Native English speakers. Most often a North American accent is desired. Teaching experience and/or professional degree a bonus. Short video introduction required. Pay is $11/hour. No set schedule. Must be a good conversationalist. Pays via PayPal.




A platform where users earn by editing/proofreading. If you are a young grammar Nazi this position may be for you. Grammar is just the beginning. “We edit for structure, redundancy, irrelevant or ineffective words, and the overall readability of your writing.” The TOS didn’t mention anything regarding age, but you would have to have excellent grammar to be hired to correct it.


An app platform where businesses pay users to share things to social media. If you thought social networking was just a hobby or a fun pastime, you can think again. Social networking has just become a prime source of income and it’s never been easier. ‘Trender App’ will connect you with businesses that want to pay you to post, tweet and message for them!! Accepting invites from businesses is easily achieved with a click of a button. Alternatively, you can find them and propose a trend. Again, the more friends you have on your account, the more businesses will pay you. Earning money is only a click away! Users must be at least 18 years of age. App available on iTunes and Google Play.


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