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Yes, I said weird! Even the fish thinks they’re weird! Many of the jobs I’ve listed sound pretty silly, some maybe even down-right gross! Believe it or not people are doing these jobs and getting paid!

I’ve  heard of doing strange things for change, but this takes it to a new level! My first thought was these people are crazy, then I thought, they gotta do what they gotta do! I’ve never been one to judge others by their profession, most of us work where we can and not where we’d like to. I use to watch this TV series back in the day called “Roc”. Roc was a garbage man, and many people would make fun of him because they had no respect for his job. Little do most know, garbage men usually earn more than some educators and some police officers by about $4,000/year!

Soooo, the jobs, right? Okay, I tried my best to warn you that these are definitely not jobs you would find performing a traditional job search online. Though I find many interesting things while searching for other things, that’s not always the result. None of the jobs listed really require any special skill so applying or getting started should be easy. Much success on your work at home journey!



MajorLeagueEating –Paid to eat! Although I consider myself a foodie, I don’t know that I would be open to trying certain things. The visual and the aroma has to be in sync. Lol There are actual eating competitions that pay you to eat. I’m sure you’d probably have to eat large amounts and-or be the first to finish in order to win!

CenterWatch –A platform for users to get paid to participate in clinical trials. Trials are paid according to what is necessary during each session and the required number of sessions. Another site to try is ResearchMatch.

DoodyCalls –Get paid to pick up dog poop in your area. They’re hiring!

Stylinity –Paid for selfies! A platform where users are paid by snapping photos, tagging their outfit items and selling them. You can also try PayYourSelfie.

HangoverHelpers –If you’ve ever been with a friend who has experienced a hangover, you may already know this can get ugly fast! Lol You will be needed to clean up remnants of the night before.

ReferMeHappy –A site that pays users to refer friends and family when they take advantage of deals and promotions.

CyberBeg –Beg for money! No, not like the people on the freeway holding signs! It is a platform where users request money for anything from bills to vacations! There is a $15 fee to set up your page.

Bidvine –A platform based in the UK for contractors and freelancers to earn by doing small tasks or running errands for their communities. This also falls under the “paid to stand in line” category, one would have to locate those particular gigs.

BoxCycle –A site that pays you for your gently used moving boxes.

Sell Water –The best time for this side hustle is where large crowds gather, and when it’s scorching hot out. During these times the stores raise water prices close to $3/bottle, so if you sell them for $1, you’ll get many of those profits. I’d sure rather get 3 bottles/$1 each versus 1 bottle for $3.

RRU –Road Kill Clean Up! Located in Texas. If you have the stomach for it, you could earn a good side income by just cleaning dead animal carcasses from the roadways.

RiffTrax –Get paid to make fun of movies!

BioTec –Crime scene clean up! This position is not for those who cannot deal with blood and guts. Workers in this field earn between $30,000-$80,000/annually.

SongVest –A platform that will allow the public to purchase shares of music and earn royalties. I think the idea is awesome since the consumer makes them rich. You can also try the Royalty Exchange.

Tax Liens –You can purchase these when homes have back taxes or are in foreclosure. The interests rates can vary anywhere from 5 percent to 36 percent, all interest goes to the Lien holder.

BreakUpShop –Are you good at getting to the point? You might be needed here where freelancers end relationships for others! Workers are referred to as “heartbreakers”. I think I’d be good at this one. Lol





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