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MTurk or Mechanical Turk is a Crowdsourcing site with international reach, where users sign up to earn completing small assignments. Your pay totally depends on what your skills are and starting out, how comfortable you are with trying new things. When I first started on the site, which was actually a few weeks back, there were only about 3-4 pages of assignments I could do, I assume because I was a new member. Since then when I sign in there are at least 20 latest of assignments or Hits available. So actually the more Hits you are successful completing, the more you will be eligible to complete. The number of hits will also be different from the number available to you personally. For example, there were 1097 Hits available when I signed in, but only 385 were available for me to complete.

How do I earn more?

As you complete Hits, you move up in pay because more Hits become available to you. For example, each Hit has a requirement (some don’t) that should be met to be eligible. Some Hits will explain that if you haven’t successfully submitted 500 Hits, please “Return this Hit”. So the qualification for certain Hits is a successful submission of a certain number of Hits that were accepted. The site also keeps track of how many Hits you’ve completed that were rejected. This gives you a working percentage. Mine stands at 96 percent, though my rejections are at 3.6 percent. So my work hasn’t all been accepted. Your percentage will also inform you of your eligibility to complete certain Hits: if the requester wants a percentage of 95 or better and yours is 90 percent, you don’t qualify.

What Hits can I find on MTurk?

When I mention the work available, keep in mind that there are usually several pages of said work.

1. Transcription (Equip needed/No equip needed)

2. Translation (Languages vary)

3. Surveys (some have only 1 question)

4. Writing

5. Internet Searches

6. Simple Data Entry and much more!

How are users paid?

Each user has to sign up for an Amazon payments account. Payments can be transferred here at your discretion. Payments can be transferred to Amazon to shop their merchandise, or can be transferred to your bank account. There are no minimums to withdraw. I’ve only completed one Bank transfer, but it only took 3 days where the site says it could take 5-7 days. You can sign up for your Amazon Payments account here., or you can wait until after your MTurk sign up.

I recommend MTurk!

I definitely recommend this website as a way to make some money on the side or to create an income working at home. Rumor around the net is most users can look to earn between $5-8$/hour here, but I believe it to be a bit more. Many Hits have thousands that need to be completed and it would actually depend on how much time you had to spend completing each one. There are technical and computer programmer type Hits also, which I’m sure earn more money than the basic stuff we all can do. You can sign up to MTurk here.

None of my links would work, so I decided to try from here:

MTurk sign up

Amazon Payments sign up


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