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My First Online Payday-Review


My First Online Payday Review


I joined a program called “My First Online Payday”. Like many of you I was (and still am)

searching for a method to make money online and not be forced to empty my pockets in

the process. I came across this program which claims to be a trading software company. I

jumped right in before doing any research, I mean it was FREE, right?


They start you off with $50 to start your trades, and that comes with 20 trades to start.

What you are asked to do is to pick which trades you want to complete, though they’ve

figured that out for you too. The site claims that if you see the trades in red and green go

to 90 percent or higher, that is the one you should choose. I actually tried it for 48 hours,

and at that time had accumulated more than $200, Awesome, right! It works!?


Well, once I tried to cash out my winnings as instructed, I realized I was not asked for any

payment information, so where would they send my payment? At this point the withdrawal

screen popped up and it requests your name, email, password, and phone number. Once

this information was submitted, I received a message that said “You must choose a broker”

in order to cash out your earnings; though on the form there was NO request to choose

a broker.

After performing a few more searches (Google IS your friend) I discovered too many in-

consistencies to consider this an actual opportunity to make money. After examination

of the sites links, NONE of them were clickable. That is a HUGE red-Flag! The images

that are posted on the site and throughout the video presentation are all “paid-testimonials”

and each one seems to post 38 minutes ago. LOOK!





I have to say I am not too surprised that this was not a REAL opportunity to make money.

The economy is not exactly stable. Just like you and I are looking to make money,

scam artists are too. Just be SMART when you try new things online. Here I didn’t

have to spend any money to learn a lesson, but I have in the past.  I learned a few

things to look for on a site that I want to pass on to you to help decide if the

opportunity is a legitimate one;

  • There should be links to contact the website administrator, if it only be by email.
  • Links on the site should click and show you what it is about.
  • Look for dates and times, if things aren’t updated regularly it could be a FAKE site or just untrustworthy.
  • Do your research online, Google is filled with business and scam information
  • Avoid sites that ask for information before you know what its purpose is.
  • Real businesses want you to contact them, no contact information is a red flag.


I would not personally recommend this website to anyone interested in more than wasting

time online. You will not make any money and there is no way to contact a representative of

the company. I am happy to uncover SCAMS online and those that promote them. I hope I

have saved you much time and money by uncovering the truth about this system, it is a RIP-

OFF of nothing but your time and could possibly be considered a “phishing” site because,

What do they get out of it? Avoid this site at all costs and tell others to do the same.




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  1. Hi, Stephanie. I am so glad you ran. lol There are so many scams online, I am glad we both discovered this one to be before we spent any money. And you’re welcome. More reviews to come. 🙂

  2. Hi Audra! I remember when I came across this program a few days ago. I was trying to click on the links above but couldn’t click on any of them. From that moment I ran a mile from that program lol. But I’m glad that you didn’t end up losing any money from this before finding out it was a total scam. Thank you for writing this review, and I hope it encourages others to stay away also.

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