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If you search the Internet regularly like I do then you have seen the lists on other sites that tell you their good ideas, or ideas he-she deems to be popular. I wanted to do a post about the business ideas that I believe would be true money-makers if opened in the right location. There is so much opportunity even for those of us that must start out small and work our way to larger volumes.

There are several reasons a person or group of persons would open a business, but for this post we will focus on the two most popular reasons most of us want to run our own businesses.

Financial Independance

It would be so much easier if we could all hit the lottery when we wanted/needed to accomplish something. Unfortunately, that’s not how our world works, that’s not how any of this works! We live in a world where (depending on your chosen field/occupation) most often loads of sacrifice and working your fingers to the bone, may become a necessity just to get ahead. Afraid of hard work? Nah, that’s not the issue. We work so hard for others and will never become wealthy working under someone else’s control: A boss controls your hours and your pay.

We all have a different idea of what we consider to be wealth and I believe that is what moves us……or not! When you are the boss you work when you choose to. No one can tell you you’re not on the schedule, or that they don’t need you.

The biggest hurdle to overcome when venturing into a business of your own is what can I offer the public that is a need or a want? Can I create a need or a want? And how will I market my product/service? I know many believe that a good paying job and a fat bank account makes them financially independent, so not true! If we examine the success ladder of most corporations we’d see that as your rank increases, so does the pay often increase and usually responsibilities on the job. But who do you think makes the most? Businesses are set up for owners and investors to make money.

Financial independence is generally used to describe the state of having sufficient personal wealth to live, without having to work actively for basic necessities. For financially independent people, their assets generate income that is greater than their expenses. I located a YouTube video that talks about “The 6 stages of financial independence “.



Focusing on our passion(s)

When we have the opportunity to earn doing something we love, we have the potential to be the most successful. What are you most passionate about? Are you an author? Artist? Good at sales? Can you fix things? Can you teach others what you know? Discovering your passion can help to create a more fulfilling life! You may have talents and ideas the world has been waiting to see/hear. Doing a thing you enjoy is also motivation, you don’t need to be asked to do it, it becomes automatic.


Any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, as love or hate. … a person toward whom one feels strong love or sexual desire. A strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for anything: a passion for music. (Dictionary.com)


My Top Ten Most Lucrative Business Ideas

Has this info been proven in a study? NO! This is my opinion as a business professional. Besides if I conducted a study, I could still alternate data until I received the result desired. That’s how studies work! ???. I have based my opinion on the research I have performed along with the current business trends. I truly believe that for newbies or those not sure where to start, that these are the best ideas available to use to become successful financially.


House Flipping/Foreclosure Clean Out — This option has to be quite lucrative. In my state I see ugly foreclosed homes everywhere and many times with trash running out of them to the street. There should be no problem locating homes in any state. Chron –how to. OCC –Fastest way to start your foreclosure cleaning business. Foreclosure Clean Up –getting started resources. Foreclosure Cleanup Network –Jackpot!! Resource!  Bigger Pockets –Step-by-step. Chron –How to. Fortune Builders –6 tips for house flippers. Go.Homebay –10 free online resources for house flippers. For Dummies –11 ways to cut renovation costs.  #1

Mobile Spa —A lucrative idea that I have seen on the rise within the last year. It is also good to advertise or specify services for men, as this demographic is increasingly enjoying spa treatments. A Mobile Spa is one that gives massages, facials, wraps, and more on-the-go. Mobile Spas may also offer manicures, pedicures, and hair styling. Mobile Beauty Systems –Resources for beauty businesses. E-How –How To. Salon Builder –A resource for those wanting to open salons. Tools for successful online business. Capterra –Useful software.   #2

Call Center Agent One of the most popular choices. Nowadays doesn’t take much more than establishing your business name and filing with your state (fees vary from state to state). You would require; a quiet, dedicated space in your home, a separate phone line to receive your calls and possibly a head-set, and a computer with broadband connection. Some companies may require that items are printed, so a printer may also be needed. For software, Host, Host2  Resources WikiHow –How to start a call center in 10 steps. CCH –How to set up a call center from scratch.  #3

Voice Over ArtistI believe this to be one of the most lucrative on the list. Newbies are encouraged to apply. There is more than one way to make money doing Voice Over work. You can work when your schedule allows, and they also have kid auditions/artists. Not much equipment is needed besides a microphone and recording devices, as well as a sound board and a closed in space. If you enjoy changing your voice or are already a natural character, I would give this a shot. CheapVoiceTalent –No studio fees. Free auditions. VoiceToons , VoiceOverX –A resource for voice over artists. FREE work space. VOC –A resource for voice over artists. SuchAVoice –A resource for beginners in the industry. Tools Voice Over Guide.   #4

HandymanOne may think that handyman services are no longer needed. That couldn’t be further from the truth. I have noticed an upswing in handyman jobs! Due to the increase in app usage to get things done this has greatly increased the number of jobs available and-or the opportunity to create such jobs.


Chores and Errands –With this option you can start your business by asking friends and neighbors what services they need done. I love my older folk, do I would go with a service that helps the elderly. Recently, there has been an upswing in outsourcing chore/errand services, this option may be quite lucrative. Chron –how to. SES –how to. Do My stuff, taskrabbit.   #6

Computer Programmers/Graphic Designers/Developers —Website developers continue to be in demand because of the increasing trend toward online business. If you are a skilled developer with a bit of free time, why not invest some time in starting your own business! If you started out as a freelancer, maybe a bit more advertising would help you gain new clients. FYI, More FYI, Resource, Tools, More Tools.  Owning your own business puts you in control of the jobs and pay you will accept. Make sure to advertise on your social media pages and direct your customers to your portfolio online. WeGraphics –Self-made graphic design artist. Blurb –Create professional portfolio books. You could also create a website for your venture and allow potential clients to view finished work from there. Complex –20 resources for graphic designers. Developer–Resource.    #7

ESL and Language Tutors/InterpretersEvery field has an interpreter side. I have discovered that teaching others to speak a Language can be quite lucrative and is in high demand. Those who possess such skill are destined to be financially independent. People who can speak 2 or more Languages often make more money than their English or one Language speaking counterparts. Interpreters generally earn $5-$20+\ hour more than regular workers. Chegg, 51Talk.   #8

FreelanceMost types of work can be performed as a freelancer, that just means you work when you want to. Freelancers today make decent incomes from home completing tasks and assignments at his-her leisure.  ChatAbout, Upwork, Outsource.  #9

Selling T-Shirts/Crafts —If you are artsy and enjoy creating this option may be a viable one. You’d need to advertise your work and services on your social media accounts and possibly create a website to showcase your finished pieces. Websites like Etsy allow users to create online shops and sell arts and crafts. There is a listing price of 20 cents per item listed and you can get paid by direct deposit. Either option would create fees for supplies needed to create your art, and possibly the administration of a website, and whatever other means you use to advertise. Resources WikiHow –How to start an arts and crafts business online. SpreadShirt, teespring. –Sell T-Shirts online FREE. Art blogs, Promotion, Tools.  #10






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