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My WAH Opportunity Was A Scam!







Hello, WAH family! I needed to come talk about my experience with an organization supposedly seeking workers to complete office and/or data entry type tasks. I want to get right into it while events are still fresh in my mind so here goes!

The conversation started off on Facebook where many of my WAH job convos usually start (or other social network). I always look for new opportunities all across the net and via social media regularly, in order to share fresh/new business ideas with you and of course to make money.

We started communicating on Google hangouts  which is a popular gathering method many businesses as well as groups and families use. My picture was visible, his was not. Everything started off like a regular interview, I was asked questions regarding previous employment, work and educational experience and was asked what I believed my strengths were. Sounds like regular interview questions to me!

I was told all equipment would be provided for me to do the job and that it was already en-route to my address. (that info was also given during the interview). This day was Monday July 30, 2018. I was also asked to buy a $50 Google Play card to purchase the software I’d be using. I didn’t have the money then, so we waited until Wednesday.

By Wednesday, I had received the package they sent to me. I have uploaded a photo as proof.


As you can see they had sent me a check! I’m not positive you can see it, but the date on the check is the very first day we spoke over Hangouts–July 30, 2018! And did you see the amount?? $2, 700.00. My next instructions were to take the check and have it deposited into my bank account. It wouldn’t work because my bank didn’t have the services available they required to deposit; which were mobile deposit or ATM deposit.

The pay for this office work would be $22/hour for training and $35/hour after training and you could choose to work full or part-time. The confusing thing to me was why not just send the computer equipment? I asked to see company info and website information and was led to a company called Telaconic!

I called several banks and visited one so they could verify whether the check was real or fake and came up empty-handed. No one could say it was fake, but no one had proof it was real. They all advised me against trying to deposit it because banks can make mistakes too. If they mistakenly cash a fake check, you are still responsible for any funds used after the disbursement. I need a job, not more debt!

Needless to say, I was applying for something I believed to be a decent opportunity that I now believe to be a scam! I spent 7 days of my life researching and wondering about this check before I finally gave up! This is what we do, right? We investigate things and inform our readers. Bloggers are not exempt from scams or desiring an opportunity that’s a waste of time, to be the one!

Just be careful out there! Scammers know people are struggling and will do whatever necessary to make you believe their scam…is real!




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