Mystery Shopping



Mystery Shopping Jobs

Imyst–varied mystery shopping assignments;dining, apartment and phone shops, etc,.  

Intelicheck–Telephone mystery shopping. Opening for English speaking and French-Canadian shoppers. There is also an app-tester position open for Iphone and Ipad.

BestMark–Mystery shopping company that analyzes various industries;airlines, transportation, and real-estate.  

SeeLevelHX–Mystery shops; competitive intelligence,customer intercepts, and customer/employee feedback, etc,. 

Call Center QA–Popular mystery shopping company. Perform on-site shops, hidden video shops, recorded phone shops, and competitive shops. 

BairdGroup–Medical mystery shops. Make phone calls, perform walk through visits, etc,. Currently ONLY hiring in Maryland, Minnesota, and Northern/Central Illinois

Shopper’sView–Mystery shopping. Perform on-site shops, recorded phone shops, hidden video shops, and competitive shops. 

MarketForce–Shop stores, restaurants and banks. 

Sinclair Customer Metrics–on-site mystery shops, video mystery shops, competitor mystery shops, and phone shops. 

Isecretshop–Mystery shopping agency. Perform on-site shops, online or internet shops, and phone shops.  

Intellishop–Mystery shopping agency. Shops are performed on-site, online, and on the phone. 

MSPA North America–Mystery shopping placement service for mystery shoppers.  

Amusement Advantage–This company shops theme parks, amusement parks, water parks, and family entertainment centers.Pays via payquicker, check, or PayPal.  

Apartment Shoppe–Perform apartment shops. Pay is via check.  

Video Shopping Network–Sign up to be a video shopper with this recruiting network.  

Jobslinger--A network for mystery shoppers to locate companies that need shoppers, and to get assignments.  

Kinesis–Perform bank mystery shops.  

A closer look–Perform dining, hotel, and retail shops. Hiring ONLY in North America.  

Ardent Services--Perform shop evaluations. 

Consumer Impact— Seeking mystery Shoppers.

NorthfolkResearch –Mystery shopping company.

Premiere –Mystery shopping company. Specializes in customer service training, customer surveys.

Perception Strategies –Perform health care shops.

Bare International –Mystery shoppers wanted.

Spies In Disguise –Mystery shopping.

Shopper’s Inc –Mystery shoppers wanted.

SRC –Mystery shopping.

SPG –Mystery shoppers wanted.

Service Alliance –Mystery shoppers wanted.

Second-to-None –Mystery shopping.

Alta360 –Mystery Shoppers. Phone, web and on-site

and compliance audits.

Restaurant Cops –Restaurant mystery shops.

RenTrak –Online movie rental and in-store shops.

Quality Shopper –Mystery shopping.

TelXpertise –Telephone mystery shops. $3-$10 depending

on the call length.

ARC –Telephone mystery shops. Call center evaluation.

Customer Perspectives –Mystery shoppers wanted.

Service Impressions –Mystery shoppers wanted.

JANCYN –Mystery shoppers wanted.

Ellis –Mystery shoppers wanted.

Secret Shopper –Mystery Shoppers wanted.

RBG –Video, retail, and restaurant shoppers wanted.

Pinnacle –Open positions for in-house phone interviewers

Must speak, English, Russian, Or Spanish in live in Utah.

Remote contractor positions. Must type 55 wpm and live in


MTS –Perform telephone mystery shops.

NSS –Mystery shoppers wanted.

Quality Assessments –Mystery shoppers wanted. Not servicing


Shopper’s Confidential –Mystery shoppers wanted.

RD Associates –Health Care Mystery Shops.

Informa RS –Mystery shoppers wanted.

Dynamic Advantage –Mystery shoppers wanted.

Guest Check –Mystery shoppers wanted.

Trend Source –Mystery shoppers wanted.

Remington Evaluations –Mystery Shoppers wanted.

QSI Specialist –Perform resort, casino, golf club shops,

and more. Nevada only.

About Face –Mystery shoppers wanted.

Ann Michaels & Associates  –Phone and on-site shops.

Assignments come via e mail.

At Your Service Marketing –Shoppers wanted.

BMA –Mystery shoppers wanted.

BLD Schedulers –Seeking mystery shoppers.

BES –Mystery shoppers wanted.





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