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Mystery shopping has definitely been a mystery for far too long. I like many of you, may know of several individuals who enjoy shopping. How much do you think he-she would enjoy being “paid” to shop? That is essentially what one type of mystery shopping entails: Visiting businesses and trying their products and-or services and reporting your findings back to the host company.

There are different types of mystery shopping jobs; there are in-house shops where shoppers would personally visit a business to evaluate it, and there are phone shops where shoppers call different companies and ask specific questions to gauge professionalism and other important aspects regarding how said business does business. Most companies require shoppers to submit a thorough explanation of the research gathered during the shop.

I doubt it is a difficult job (it actually sounds fun), but you must be one who gives great attention to detail to complete the reports. Mystery shopping can be performed in any industry interested in how its organizations or parent companies are performing and handling customer issues. There are mystery shops for restaurants, clothing stores, hospitals and call centers just to name a few.

I wouldn’t say this is stable income because jobs may not readily be available regularly enough to establish full-time income. These positions I would consider to be “extra money” jobs to supplement income. If you choose to try any of these opportunities and want to make more money, I would advise signing up for several at a time. I enjoy locating jobs like these because most jobs any of us come across, most will NOT qualify for. These jobs really require no ‘special’ skill, and applicants can work and take assignments that fit their schedule(s).

Many of these jobs I would consider to be “piecework” jobs because most times users are paid per transaction or report completed. There are also assignments that may be completed without cash payment, but with other perks like free dinners or free merchandise. Because mystery shopping companies can be found around the world, once you locate a company you like, be sure to visit their website to verify that your area of the world is eligible to request assignments.

It is important in this line of work to be dependable. Do not take or request assignments that you cannot complete within the designated time frame, incomplete assignments may cause your account to be frozen or cancelled. As with any position, do your research on the type of assignments a company offers and be sure that you are able to complete assignments requested.

I cannot stress enough the importance of following directions with regard to applying. If you call and the site says NO CALLS, your application will be DENIED. Most  organizations have rules for applying and they must be followed to be considered for the assignments. It is also important not to announce that you are a “secret shopper”, hence the word secret-mystery: they don’t want the business to know they are being shopped.

Shops are usually set up by managers or owners to gauge how employees are performing, or possibly if and how newly implemented services are changing the organization. Many companies may require a writing sample or other testing to measure skill-level. Be sure to visit the sites according to your interest(s) to see if positions are open. My posts are related to companies I have found that hire “virtual workers” and in no way guarantees that ANY of the companies are currently seeking new hires. 


Imyst--varied mystery shop assignments including, dining, apartment shops, and phone shops to name a few. Earnings are paid via

check and PayPal. 

Intellicheck–This company hires telephone mystery shoppers. There is a position open for English speaking and French-Canadian

shoppers, as well as a position to be an app tester for Iphone and Ipad.  

Bestmark--Mystery shopping company that serves various industries such as airlines, transportation and real estate. 

SeeLevelHX–Mystery shops, competitive intelligence, customer intercepts, and consumer/employee feedback, etc. 

Call Center QA–Popular mystery shopping company. Pays users to call apartment communities. $5 per completed shop. 

BairdGroup–Medical mystery shops. Make phone calls,perform walk-through visits, etc. Currently ONLY hiring in Maryland,

Minnesota, and Northern/Central Illinois. 

Shoppersview–Mystery shopping. Perform on site shops, recorded phone shops, hidden video shops, and competitive shops.  

MarketForce--Shop stores, restaurants and banks. 

Sinclair Customer Metrics–on-site mystery shops, video mystery shops, competitor mystery shops, and phone shops.

Isecretshop–Mystery shopping agency. Perform on-site shops, online or internet shops, and phone shops. 

Intellishop–Mystery shopping agency. Shops are performed on-site, online, and on the phone. 

MSPA North America–This is a mystery shopping agency that places shoppers with reputable companies. 

Amusement  Advantage–This company shops theme parks, amusement parks, water parks, and family entertainment

centers. Pays via Payquicker, check, or PayPal. 

Apartment Shoppe–Perform apartment shops. Pay is via check. 

Video shopping Network–Sign up to be a video shopper with this recruiting network. 

JobSlinger--A network for mystery shoppers to locate companies that need shoppers and to get assignments. 

Kinesis–Perform bank mystery shops. 

A closer look–Perform dining, hotel, and retail shops. Hiring ONLY in North America.

Ardent Services–Perform shop evaluations. 

MSS –Perform telephone mystery shops.

SecretShopper –Perform on-site mystery shops.




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