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Hello, everyone. I have some neat new making money finds I’d like to share today.  Many of the opportunities I have found recently are not set to any particular schedule with regard to earning. You can do these tasks and earn when you want to.

The reality is many if not most of us spend hours online, but don’t earn any money for the things we do. These sites are game changers and new sites are created all of the time, more often than we think. If these opportunities are not in your area, there are plenty opps that are, search the site to find one you like.

Many believe that these opportunities are a waste of time if users aren’t paid per hour, but there are tons of individuals who are creating decent side incomes by doing freelance assignments. I love njoy freelance because I can earn when I choose to and don’t have to punch a time clock.




Video MoneyA platform where users earn by watching videos. You can’t pull up the site terms yet, so I’m assuming that page is under construction due to the newness of the site. Because it is new, I will be updating my findings once I’ve signed up and tried the program.

Listiller –A community for bloggers and other creators. Formerly known as Writer Town, is a place to find writing gigs, post new or previously posted material to grow your audience (as long as you own what you wrote). Sign up is FREE.

Coinworker –A crowdsourcing platform much like MTurk where users sign up to complete small tasks. The site pays users in Bitcoin. Users must have a Bitcoin wallet to receive transferred earnings.

Wingz –Wingz is a peer-to-peer marketplace that connects passengers with their personal driver. Rides are pre-scheduled, door-to-door and flat-rate. Passengers can rebook their favorite driver using the Wingz mobile app, website or toll-free number. Payments and tips are processed by credit card. Whether you want to drive full time or part time, Wingz lets you manage your schedule and accept the rides you want to provide.

Driver requirements;

Must be at least 21 years of age

Must possess a commercial/personal driver license and insurance

Must pass a criminal background check

Must have IPhone or Android smartphone to download the app

Must have a 4-door vehicle that is no older than 5 years old

Operating in the following areas; Austin, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Portland, Sacramento, San Diego, Seattle, SF Bay Area.

HopSkipDrive –A ride service for kids designed to help you take some of the stress out of your family’s busy schedule. It was created by three moms who understand the struggle of getting kids around town safely. Operating in the Los Angeles, Orange County, Bay Area. If this sounds like an opportunity you’d take part in, you can apply here.

Dolly –A service of individuals who come and help you move. Sign up to become a Dolly Helper. Operating in Seattle, Denver, San Diego, Chicago. You can sign up here to be a Dolly Helper.

Sweeba –A social network that shares ad revenue with its users. Users are paid for interacting on the site and posting original content.

DailySurveyCash –A survey site that pays users via PayPal, Payza, Bitcoin. Cash out threshold is only $1.

WowApp –A FREE calling app that is FREE for users to call other users and has International reach. Users can earn by using and sharing the app with friends and loved ones across the globe. You do not have to pay to earn.

Wizzley –A platform for writers/bloggers to earn from their articles.

Spare5 –A platform for freelancers. I have spoken about Spare5 before. I’m talking it up again because this is a micro task site. So far it has received good reviews. They pay via PayPal.




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