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Hello, all. I have actually been trying since the weekend to make a post. I guess my IPad is charged enough for me to finish one today. I have been reap searching more odd ways that people make money or create incomes for themselves. I believe technology opens doors for us all, in all stages of our lives to have a side income or side business. I always thought it to be a joke, but people will buy almost anything!

I gave brief descriptions of each job or earning opportunity. I try not to put it all on here because when you go to the site, you’re reading the same thing. From experience, I know that can be annoying. Lol Also, I may add a couple more to this list! ?



Your Mechanic

This company has an auto industry base. This site allows Mechanics to work freely on their own terms: cars are repaired at the customer’s residence. With winter coming (or here) in most places, it is definitely a convenience to not have to leave home. This could also open more avenues for those who cannot retain gainful employment.

Current openings include; Auto Warranty Claims Analyst –Mt. View, CA. Automotive Repair Tech/Mechanic -800+ cities Nationwide. Customer Service Rep. –Work From Home.

They have openings as well for Auto Parts Specialists. So these jobs (unless you choose Customer Service), would be considered WFH because you would control your own schedule and finances. More open positions in marketing and customer service. Visit Your Mechanic here.


One of the best places to get rid of household junk, or what you may consider to be junk. I am shocked at the things people want to purchase in bulk. There is ample opportunity to make extra money selling these items on EBay;

1. Empty toilet paper rolls. ($20/50 rolls)

2. Pine cones set your price depending on size and quantity.

3. Empty egg shell cartons.

These are just a few ideas that I found interesting and the items are not hard to find. You can sign up to EBay here.


Earn money by using your creative sense of humor. Cracked pays around $100 for the first story accepted. No longer a flat fee, but you are in control of which assignments to accept. No real requirements, you just have to be funny. Sign up with Cracked here.


Hitsbliss –An app where users earn by interacting with brands and products they’re interested In. Earn currency to shop the site’s store for; movies, TV shows, and music/downloads.


A company that deals in trading stocks. Users are given a $5 bonus upon signing up. You wilsaving money, and learning how to grow your money. It is a good start for those (like me) who still know nothing about stock trading, and you can watch your balance slowly rise. I see this as a good opportunity because most organization’s want you to start investing with $500 – $5,000, and most of us don’t have that kind of money lying around. You can sign up to Stash here.


An app similar to Stash. New users receive a $5 sign up bonus. Account holders can invest as little as $1 with this investment app. How cool is that? Of course the more you invest the larger your possible return. There are no guarantees with investments, but many seem to fare well even with a slow start. You can sign up to Clink here.





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