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One Poll is a survey site I found approximately 6 months ago. I am always skeptical of new survey sites because users can waste time on sites that just do not pay, or that make users wait 30 days or more to receive payment. (I try to avoid those).

One other point that sent up a red flag was the cash out threshold…its $65! I know that not all sites pay the same, but I’ve never ran across a survey site that wanted you to earn more than $30 before requesting payment. The surveys are pretty interesting. Of course you choose to complete or not complete each survey: some subject matter is Adult– so they ask you whether or not you choose to complete the survey. I have only been disqualified or not eligible to complete 2 surveys to date, the rest I earned from.

Each survey on average pays around $.50 but I have received one answer surveys that paid $.05. Surveys come pretty often most often a few times per week. I have also received 3-4 surveys in one email. There are no other earning opportunities here, it is strictly surveys and you are notified when new surveys are available by email. I check the site daily in case any emails were missed so I don’t miss surveys. You can imagine it would take a minute to earn $65 with $.50 surveys! The site says payment can take 30 days, but mine came within a couple of weeks!

Would I recommend One Poll?

Absolutely! I was seriously skeptical until I received my payment to PayPal. The entire $65 too, without fees being deducted. Awesome! Here’s a copy of my payment;

Amount received:
$65.00 USD
Fee amount:
$0.00 USD
Net amount:
$65.00 USD
Issue a refund Help

You have up to 180 days to refund the payment.

Aug 4, 2016
01:23:06 PDT

72 Point Ltd has just sent you $65.00 USD with PayPal
OnePoll Payment
Payment type:

This would definitely be considered extra income and not something that would change your financial standing, but certainly worth it to earn a few extra bucks, probably a bit over $130/annually. (Though, I missed quite a few surveys too ??)

How do I join One Poll?

You simply enter the site and sign up. It’s FREE! You can open your One Poll account here.


Disclaimer: I am in no way earning money or any other perks by sharing this opportunity with you today. Users ONLY receive credit for those referred by email.




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  1. Hello Audra
    I have never read or heard of one poll but reading your review, it seems like a very reliable source of extra income from home
    Although im alöways weary of surveys as most of them seem to take more time to fill than what they pay,l see that one can make good money.
    The other problem i have always had with surveys is that because i live in Switzerland, we do not have many surveys open to us.
    Survey sites like one poll may accept our application but then we do not get any surveys to fill which im sure is not the case when one lives in the USA or the UK.
    Another negative in my opinion is their high cash out minimum, most surveys pay$.50 or $1, it seems like it will take a real long time to reach cash out, but will still give it a try.

    1. Hi, Roamy. Surveys should definitely be considered extra income, and not something to replace income. It took me a while to cash out because I often I have so much to do I can’t do it all in one day (like most people). The good thing about surveys is that you can join as many companies as you choose to to see which ones work best for you. I will always share the opportunities that earn me money. Thanks for stopping by.

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