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When most educators think about teaching they may be referring to the traditional teaching

jobs where the Instructor stands in front of a classroom and teaches students curriculum.

The traditional teaching method is not out of date by any means, but technology has opened

doors for alternative methods in classroom instruction. Online learning platforms continue to

pop up all over the country that allow students to gain knowledge by learning and taking

courses online. Each instance of an institution opening online also comes with the

opportunity for instructors and other education professionals to gain employment.



If you are an educator who is thinking about a change from your traditional career, this may

be the opportunity for you to examine. Your schedule would be freed up more than with a

traditional position where you’d be standing in front of your classroom. You would be in

charge of not only the curriculum you teach in the class, but also how often things are due

and WHEN you would be available for discussions, issues, or possible webinars,  where

the class would sit in and watch you teaching, showing them possibly formulas and such

that are better understood through live example.

To become an educator one must already possess proper credentials to be considered for

positions. Most institutions will require instructors to have obtained a Masters degree or

better in the field of education. Requirements to become an instructor will change depending

on what type of teaching you will be doing and the field of concentration.


Teacher Resources

GetEducated –This is a resource for educators who may want to teach in the

online classroom.

OnlineCourses –Resources for those wanting to become virtual instructors.

Bandyer –Start your own online teaching business.

OLI –Learning insights and instructions for online educators.

Edutopia –80 online tools, references and resources for educators.

SkilledUp –Moving To Online Teaching: Issues and resources for educators.

ETML –A list of 16 websites every teacher should know about.

AAE –Online resources for art teachers.

DiscoveryEducation –Free teacher resources.

LDOnline –Teaching kids with LD.

BlackBoard –Educator Resources.

Noodle –32 most innovative online educational tools for educators.

Scratch –An online sharing platform for educators.

Docurated –102 FREE (or free to try) online collaborative learning tools

for teachers and educators.

Teachable –Create and sell courses online.

QuintCareers –A comprehensive list of websites that hire educators.

OnlineTeaching –A job board and resource for educators.

NAFSA –A resource for educators to network and find employment.




Teaching Jobs

UniverisityOfPhoenix –Seeking teaching administrators to fill positions.

Monster –A job board featuring remote teaching jobs.

WGU –Seeking student focused faculty.

Indeed –Remote jobs as an educator. Varied positions open and varied

skill sets welcome.

HigherEdJobs –Remote jobs in higher education.

SNHU –Adjunct faculty positions for online and continuing education.

TIE –Teach Abroad. The marketplace for international education.

AcademicCareers –Global academic job site, for teaching jobs, education

jobs, research jobs, and professional jobs in education.

ETS –Part-time constructed response scoring professionals. Please see

site for details.

ed2go –Seeking skilled educators.

SchoolSpring –A job board and resource for educators.

Teachers –A job board for educators to locate teaching jobs.


Tutoring Jobs

CheggTutors –Online tutoring jobs.

HomewrorkTutoring –Seeking tutors in the fields of  engineering, history, law.

Various positions open to educators.

EduWizards –Seeking qualified tutors. Earn between $15-$20 per hour. Set

your own prices and schedule.

Brainfuse –Become an online tutor. Each session pays $10 per hour.

JHU –Open positions for educators.




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  1. My dream is to be able to from anywhere in the world from an online business. I have friends that work abroad teaching English and I think that is cool.

    I can see earning advanced teaching degrees becoming more popular as you can become a digital nomad and travel the world teaching from your laptop.

    1. Hi, Tony. Thank you for your input. I can see all types of careers having virtual possibilities, it’s almost limitless. The internet has introduced a new way for organizations to get tasks done, as well as provide (often) steady employment to freelancers choosing to work from home. Come again soon. 🙂

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