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In today’s advertising market, we are ALL influencers to a degree, aren’t we? We spend hours on these different social media sites, We share ideas with the world, we introduce new products to our friends and associates, many of us are even running websites or have our own video channels!

What is an Influencer?

“An influencer is an individual who has above-average impact on a specific niche process. Influencers are normal people, who are often connected to key roles of media outlets, consumer groups, industry associations or community tribes. … Such individuals are not simply marketing tools, but social relationship assets.” iA

Did you catch that? You’re an asset! All of us are! Think back on each time you’ve introduced family and friends to new products, or told them about a shop or new restaurant you’ve visited? We do it now without really thinking about the FREE ADVERTISING we’re giving these businesses and their services. Because we have the Internet and social media, it has become quite clear that we can earn from our efforts now!



Paid for Influencing


A platform for influencers to earn from their efforts. If you’ve recently or previously tried any of the products or services, great! In this instance you’re in line with creating a campaign that highlights your use of the product/service and you earn a commission from your sales.

Influencers can also earn FREE products by sharing their experiences socially. You can choose a campaign and write a review or make a video about your experience with the product. It’s a fun way to get free stuff!

Collective Edge

A platform for influencers. Especially those seeking different types of things to create topics on for their reviews or blogs. These opportunities are perfect for those with large social reach, usually 5,000 followers and above is what top advertising sites require to be in their network. Sign up to try the latest products.

Kwaii Box

A platform¬†looking for bloggers and video reviewers to review the newest Kawaii Boxes! Apply now if you have a blog or YouTube channel that focuses on kawaii or Japanese and Korean pop culture. “Every month we will pick a few reviewers who will receive and review the newest Kawaii Box.”

Notino –A platform for beauty bloggers to try free products and earn by writing short reviews.

Job Requirements:
* Knowledge of all major social media platforms inside & out, including but not limited to facebook, instagram and snapchat.
* Exceptional grammar and spelling. We are looking for a writer who will not need editing assistance.
* Native English or Spanish speaker/writer.
* Posts must be at least 250 words long.
* Friendly personality with a positive writing style.
* Ability to submit work via Google Docs.

A free product per review
$15 – $25 and more per 250+ word posts (depending on number of total followers/subscribers you have)
Compensation for Video Reviews is individual and upon agreement

SheSpeaks –A platform for bloggers and product reviewers to create a wider customer base. A popular platform used by many online.

Social Fabric –A platform for bloggers and influencers to earn by doing what they already do, Share! If you love being social, why not get paid for it? The site also provides training for those looking to increase his-her following.

Izea –A platform for marketers and influencers to earn by sharing with their followers.

Bloggabase¬†—A platform for bloggers to earn and/or monetize his-her blog. The site is based in the UK.



FREE Products for reviews










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