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If you are an avid book reader this may be your opportunity to create a side income. I haven’t seen huge payment claims for book readers which is a good thing, it means that pay is normal and there is less of a chance that the company’s are scamming readers. I didn’t think too much about it (becoming a reader for pay) until I came across the opportunity while doing research on another subject.

The average length of review requests stayed around 200 words (or better) as a standard sized review. This number would not include the synopsis of the story. I find it to be interesting to make money doing anything you love.

Most realize minimal skill is needed to be successful at this job. You basically have to have good recollection of what you read and be able to tell the story…..without telling the story! It requires more skill than you think, especially if you’ve never written a book review. I have listed a few resources to help get you started if you’re a newbie to book reviews. This category I would say is also an extra money only, you will not become wealthy doing this.




BookReviewer –Sign up to review books before they’re released to the public.

AnySubject –Sign up to become a book reviewer.

BookLookBloggers –Seeking bloggers to write reviews. Must have verifiable social following. Reviews must be 200+ words.

OnlineBookClub –Seeking book reviewers. Pay outs range from $5-$60.

PaidBooks –Sign up and be paid to read and write reviews.

TheBookBag –Seeking Paid Book Reviewers. Must use email other than Hotmail. UK.

San Francisco Book Review –Seeking Book Reviewers.

Bookkus Publishing –Seeking Book Reviewers.

Bethany House –Seeking Book Reviewers. Must already be a publisher/blogger. Reviews must be 75 words long (not including plot synopsis).


FREE books in exchange for reviews

TynedaleBlogNetwork –A book review site strictly for bloggers. Earn FREE books for your reviews. Ideal for book bloggers.

HayHouse –Seeking book reviewers, FREE books in exchange.

NetGalley –Sign up to be a reviewer and receive FREE books in exchange.

Civitas –Write book reviews in exchange for FREE books.

StoryCartel –Write book reviews in exchange for FREE books.

Moody Press –FREE books in exchange for book reviews.

BookBrowse –Seeking book reviewers who want FREE books.

Springer –Write reviews and receive FREE books in exchange.




Olabout –A short list of resources for reviewers.

The Balance –A How To for book reviewers.

ProBlogger –“How to get FREE books to review on your website”.





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  1. A lot of different sites there. Are all of them legitimate? Because I can see some of these sites having some strict guidelines on the type of feedback that you can give. Like you can’t review this product negatively. If you do we’re going to hold your cash/book you really wanted hostage.

    1. Hi, Darren. Yes the sites are legit. I don’t list sites that aren’t legit without informing readers that they aren’t. Yes, the sites do often have strict guidelines as to the types of reviews users can submit. It is wise to sign up to sites that want honest reviews whether they are positive or negative. Lol. I don’t like being told what to write, nor how to write so I write my own reviews on products and services. And if you don’t follow the rules of submission you are correct, they will hold your pay. Sign up only to sites that are similar to your writing goals. Much success moving forward

  2. I never knew that was such a thing as getting paid to red and do reviews. Who are the reviews for? Is it a request from like the publishers so people know an honest opinion?

    I’m not much of a reader myself but I know someone who would be very interested in this so I’ll pass it along to them!

    1. Hi, Kayla. The reviews would be for current or upcoming authors. There are many jobs for those who enjoy reading this is just one. Thanks for stopping in. Come back anytime! :

  3. Hey Audra, this was an interesting post. I’ve been looking for an extra income method I could also enjoy without it feeling dull…and this looks like one. Your site has a lot of useful information for any person looking to earn online. I’ll certainly be looking into the links you’ve provided. Be blessed!

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