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All of us have opinions about something. How often though, are we allowed to express our honest opinions AND be paid for them? Quite recently the opportunities to be paid for reviewing has increased. Think of the new companies/websites that are created regularly offering undiscovered or new products/services, many of those companies may require feedback to gauge the company’s progress/success.

I always do my best to locate websites/jobs I have not previously talked about, though it’s obvious some jobs can be placed in different categories because of the assigned job duties. There is no training needed to fulfill the jobs, all you need is your honest opinion. Note: sites do not expect all reviews to be positive, an honest review can be negative also as long as the reviewer is being honest.

This will be an easy earning method for those who are already reviewers or who write and create content on a regular basis. The assignments don’t seem difficult, but each site will have different submission rules. With everything you do, put your best effort into it! Much success!




DooYoo –Get paid to review products and services after trying them. UK.

JJFAN –Get paid for product testing and reviews.

Nintendo –Game Tester/Reviewer. Not remote. Redmond, Washington.

CFA –Get paid for your reviews/mystery shops. Movie Theater shops. US/Canada.

Pinch Me –Get free samples and give the company your honest opinion(s).

Blog Expose –Get paid for your reviews.

Get Reviewed –A site for bloggers to get paid for his-her unique reviews.

Hostelz –Travelers get paid for your Hostel reviews. Earn $10 per review.

Best Review App –Download apps and get paid for your reviews.

App available on Android, IOS, and Mac.

Any Subject –Get paid to be a Book Reviewer. Paid by book length and review length.

Online Bookclub –Get paid to write book reviews and get free books. Earn $5-$60 per review.

Apps4Review –Review apps and get paid for your reviews.

ReviewsArena –Get paid to write reviews.

AvailMail –Get paid to review products.



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