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Most of us have either an actual list or a mental one of our favorite movies, or even just the ones that we can’t forget like Rocky(1-3), or The Wizard of Oz. Wouldn’t it be nice to share your honest opinions about these films while also getting paid? I found a few sites that do just that. Many do require that you have some experience writting online and may also require that writers have great knowledge of the subject of their writting(s).

I enjoy finding such assignments/jobs because they allows us to work at our leisure and not really adhere to set schedules. We all value our time, so working and earning when we want to is an awesome convenience. Like most writting sites, the more recognition you receive (views, likes, comments) the more you can earn, which could also lead to them requesting you write more. If you’re one who knows certain genres of movies and are a big fan, this would be a great opportunity to get your views out there! Who knows, you could be the next, popular, movie critic!

Keep in mind that many of these assignments may just be used for extra money, and may/may not replace a current or more sustainable paid opportunity. Unless you are a seasoned writer, I would not totally depend on this for an income.



ScreenRant –A site seeking experienced Review Writers. “The positions are open to anyone over the age of 18 – regardless of where you live – though respondents who live near industry centers (Los Angeles, NYC, San Francisco, etc) might be privy to additional opportunities (interviews, screenings, events, etc). Our site covers reviews, interviews, and features but for the time being we are looking for dedicated news and list writers only.” Write on such subjects as; New movie announcements, Casting News, Production Developments, Photo posts, Movie and TV Teailers, Entertaining List posts, Game announcements, Game Design Developments, Game Screenshot posts, and Game Trailers. Writers are paid per post. Please see site for further details.

Bustle –A platform that seeks experienced writers in entertainment. Often has jobs open to become a recurring writer for the site. Please see site for application details.

Cineast –A platform that pays experienced writers for approved submissions on entertainment. Submissions also have separate pay scales depending on what type it is. Payments are as follows; 

PAYMENT: “We currently pay $18 for “Short Take” reviews; $36 for book or DVD reviews (the author may retain the book or DVD reviewed; in the case of book or DVD reviews posted on our Website as “Web Exclusives,” no cash payment is offered); $45 for Film Reviews and short articles, columns, sidebar interviews, or essays; $90 for feature articles or feature interviews. Contributors will receive at least one complimentary copy of the issue in which their contribution is published. We hope to raise these rates, being well aware—as a nonprofit magazine published for nearly fifty years by an unpaid, all-volunteer staff—that good writing merits adequate compensation. Royalties from subsequent reprint of material originally published in our pages will be split 50/50 with the author. Our percentage will be waived if the book is a collection of the author’s work or is edited by the author.”

BuddyTV –A platform seeking opinionated TV writers. A resume and 2 TV writting samples between 250-350 words is required along with a brief letter of interest. If you are a fanatic about TV and always keep up with spoilers, and are in the know of what’s to come in current TV, this may be a perfect fit for you. Seeking writers with flexible daytime availability. Availability for short notice assignments  preferred. See site for further details.

AnimationArena –A site that pays writers for their comic book, video game, and movie reviews. No experience is necessary, just good grammar and a passion for the current subject. understand. These reviews are casual so no technical writing here. Each review will need to be a minimum of 550 words long and must be original no plagiarism. At the end of each review please rate the material on a scale of 1 to 10. The pay is $15.00 usd per review with a maximum of 10 reviews per month. “If you are interested in writing for Animation Arena please send us an email with a 2 samples of your writing to arenamaster@animationarena.com Please place “Writing for Animation Arena 2011″ in the subject line.”

HitBliss –A platform where users watch videos and earn rewards from the site’s store such as TV shows, DVD’s, music downloads and more. Sign up is FREE! App available for Windows, MAC, IOS, and Android


Other Movie Jobs


Market Force –Seeking Theater Checkers. This is more of a Mystery Shopping position for movie theaters. You’ll be paid for every field visit you make, and even reimbursed for your movie tickets and concessions for select assignments. Differing assignment types can be found here.

Verites –A Mystery Shopping site seeking Field Agents in the US and Canada. You would shop movie theaters. Please see site for further details. To apply you must email them at  info@verites.com for more info and application instructions.

MSP Services –A Mystery Shopping Agency that performs movie theater shops. See site for further details.

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