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There are so many ways to make money online doing things we already love to do. It always boils down to our social media channels and how often we use the power they hold to create incomes for us. With all of the companies and industries available, it would seem as if earning from sharing new, interesting information would be extremely popular…isn’t that what we do socially?

I am not shocked this time because there are other sites out there that allow users to earn by sharing short links (can be a pain in the butt), by sharing and uploading your files, and more. The sites I have found in this post are mostly looking for content. Imagine how many websites and-or businesses that start up regularly and need/want fresh content…that is a lot of potential dollars for influencers, writers, bloggers, advertisers, etc,.

There are a couple of unique opportunities listed here and I’m excited to share them with you! If you are a writer, blogger, influencer of any sort, or are a social butterfly, this post you will find most interesting.

This subject takes me back to horses and buggies and dirt roads as long and far as the eye can see. There is a company called Soil Surfer, that pays you for or allows you to rent out your soil for others grow gardens! Wow! We need to get back to this! What a great idea. I find it interesting that many of the ideals considered old fashion are returning in full swing!





As hard as it seems to find opportunities to work online, I seem to keep discovering new sites and ways to earn that I hadn’t previously. Today, we really need to think outside of the box to find those that fit what our plans/goals are. I am always happy to answer questions and give you the best advice toward your goals! Don’t hesitate to ask questions! Good luck on your journey!




Share Magnet –Get paid to share links. Share to your social networks and get paid per action. Also get $.50 for referring friends. Cash out threshold is $1. Payment is via PayPal.

Wingsplay –Get paid to share viral videos to your social networks.

Share Pop –Share the things you love and get paid.

Snips –Get paid to share content to your social media platforms. Advertisers, bloggers, influencers. Monetize your social media content.

Ref Ban –Get paid to share links on your social networks. $5 sign up bonus.

101 IMG –Get paid to share on your social networks and Whatapp.

NeoReach –Influencers, get paid to share.

Ward’s Science –Educators get paid to share your Science lessons. Earn cash for supplies.

iframed –Get paid to share content.

Society 6 –Find Art, Share Art, Get paid! Curator.

Curb Flip –Get paid to share your driveway! Yes, I said your driveway. Currently operating in several locations, seems to be Worldwide.

Soil Surfer –Get paid to share/lend your grow garden space.

3tags –Get paid to share content: paid for number of views to your content.

Uvioo –Get paid to share videos online. Paid for views to your shared videos.

Break –Get paid to share original games, videos and images.

Meta Cafe –Get paid to share videos. Paid for number of views.

Vimeo –Get paid to share videos. Paid by number of views.

Red Gage –Get paid to share your content.

 Shabingo–Get paid to share videos.

EHow –Get paid to share videos and content. Paid by number of views.

Watch My Bit –Get paid for sharing videos. Paid in BitCoin.

You Zing It –Get paid to share ideas.

WIYS –Get paid to share your opinion and earn up to $100 improving health care for seniors.

Experts Column –Get paid to share your content and interact within the community.

Shareyt Social –Get paid to share content, like, follow, comment, etc,.

Coupon Chief –Get paid to share coupons with other users.




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  1. Hi Audra
    I didn’t know that you can get money just by ‘sharing’.
    It’s kind of new to me. haha

    Is there any information that the platform you just mentioned above is not a scam?
    Since i maybe want to use one of the platform to promote my content. Or maybe there’s some suggestion from you which is the best platform to promote content?

    1. Hi, Johan. There are many ways to get ‘paid to share’, this just happened to be one. Lol I only share sites that have been known to pay users and that allow users to sign up free! I would not waste my time and put SCAMS on my site to trick my readers, nor would I waste the time of my readers. Regardless, you still have to go to the sites and investigate for yourself! “Due Diligence”! Or you can always visit my bloggers page to discover what resources are available to earn. Thanks for stopping by. Come again soon!

  2. Thanks for sharing this page with us. I didn’t know there were so many ways of making online. I really like the personal shopper method. I like the idea of getting paid for things I do regularly. Thanks for the share. If I were to start with just one of these methods, which one would you recommend?

    1. Hi, Omar. Being that you already create content regularly, it could be lucrative for you to start with the companies that require fresh content or that pay you for any content you submit. Thanks so much for stopping by. ?

  3. The way you have your page set up was an eye catcher NGL. I was reading and my eyes were roaming around all the different things you had around the website. I also really appreciate the fact that you had links in the bottom for people like me, interested in seeing how I can also make some income online. Not only that the way you had things organized made it both interesting and exciting to read.

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