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Pay per task means that each user is not paid by the hour, but per task completed. On these sites there is usually a list of things the site will pay you to do. You may be categorizing data, performing data entry, visiting websites, watching videos and much more. I know it sounds too good to be true, but it’s not. None of the opportunities you see here will create wealth for you, but who doesn’t need extra spending money? These are methods that many are using to make ends meet. Maybe you don’t need any extra money, but have plenty of free time? This is where these sites help. I actually started my online journey with paid-to-click websites, but only deal with a few worth discussing. We all do what we deem necessary to make ends meet and this could help become a supplement to already established income.

Pay per task sites have become popular over the years and I have seen that more companies offer these kind of assignments to better serve clients quickly and accurately. There is one professional field that comes to mind where workers are paid very handsomely per task and live comfortable lifestyles, can you guess which career I’m thinking of? Real estate agents. A real estate agent is a respected career choice, they are paid nicely, and they are paid-per-task. One might believe it would be sales in general and on a “carefully” measured scale that may turn out to be true (LOL), but in general I believe the average person would think it should be real estate.

I just used that comparison for those of you who may be new to earning online and because I am constantly thinking about the business world and how it is constantly changing. If it were not for changes in business and technology we would not have access to so much information, nor be afforded the opportunity to work from home.Performing a quick search via Google I searched ‘pay-per-task’ and over 5,000,000 results came through the query. I believe that is amazing and speaks to the importance and growth of online and remote work. Not everyone needs or wants a full-time job. I know that is what people will tell you and truly believe it to be a necessity. Not necessarily.

I know for the last 10 years we have heard the reports on the news of the billions (much more dough than millions) of dollars made in any given year, just online. That success could be earned in a number of ways that we ALL have potential access to. We live in the BEST time to open an online business, find a remote job, and be free to live in any area of the country we choose. Know how I know? You’re reading a blog that I set up (though I had instruction) by myself, with as much technical experience as….well suffice it to say…when things stop working around me, they get tossed. No kidding.

Here I have composed a list for you of every pay-per-task site that I know of to date. When I discover more I will certainly post about them as well. Feel free to leave comments about experiences with any sites mentioned. Please follow directions on each site with regard to signing up, applying, or anytime contact would be necessary. As of this writing the companies listed are accepting new sign ups. Be aware that many sites may want users to complete skills testing to be eligible to complete higher paying tasks.



Humanatic--This website looks to retain call reviewers. Users listen to recorded calls and sort them in the proper categories. There is training provided on the website. Though it doesn’t sound difficult, it may be if you can’t sort them correctly. The pay depends on the campaign you are working on. 

Paid To Login–This company does exactly what is says, pays you just for logging in. Of course you certainly won’t become rich, but there are other ways to earn, there is also advertising available. Users can earn from referrals, by his-her own logins, and from investing (there is a HYIP program that measures PIPS–Please see website). Each time users login they receive a free banner impression for a website of his-her choice. 

Postloop–This site pays users to contribute blog content. 

Pasted--This company pays users to copy and paste ads. Users receive $2 per every 1,000 visitors to their ads. The cash out threshold is only $5 via PayPal, Payoneer, or Bitcoin. 

Mini Freelancer--This site pays for piecework.

Cha Cha–Become a guide and answer different kinds of questions. Visit the site to see what is required. 

Swagbucks–This is a popular pay-per-task website that has a good reputation online. There are many tasks to complete here and they pay via PayPal and many other gift card rewards. 

Uniquerewards–This is a popular pay-per-task website. Users can perform many actions to earn like watching videos, completing surveys, etc. Cash out threshold is $20 via PayPal. 

Chatabout–This site pays users to post comments, answer questions, refer friends, and participate in the community users are rewarded points. 

Inbox Dollars–This is a pay-per-task site. Cash out threshold is $5 via PayPal. 

Cashcrate–This site pays users to complete small tasks. The pay is via check and Dwolla. Cash out threshold is $20. 

Zoombucks--This is a popular paid-to-task website not unlike the others. Users are paid to watch video, visit websites, and answer polls just to name a few things that add to your balance. You can convert your points to cash via PayPal or there are a ton of other ways users can cash out earnings here. 

Points2shop–This is a site much like Zoombucks and swagbucks. Many ways to earn. 

Gifthunterclub–This site is similar to swagbucks and the other sites. Many ways to earn. Many ways to receive payment. 

Foap--Sell photos you took with your smartphone. 

 JustAnswer–Get paid for your expertise on any given subject. 



Micro-Job Sites

Rapidworkers–This site pays users to complete micro-jobs. 

Jobboy–This is a micro-job site. 

Onespace–This site pays users to complete micro-tasks. Assessments are required for higher earnings. 

Amazon Mechanical Turk–This is a paid task website. Assignments can range from categorization to transcription. The assignments are called HITS. Users may have to qualify to receive higher paying and more frequent tasks. The pay is through PayPal. 

Pactera–The site pays users to complete tasks. The site pays users hourly or per task depending on the selected task. There are no fees to join. Actual pay rates will be discussed during the on-boarding interviewing process.  

Crowdflower–This is a paid-task website. Follow the links and sign up “to task”. 

Clickchores–This site is a pay-per-task website. It is larger than most sites (similar to Mechanical Turk) because it offers opportunities for users around the world to sign up. 

ClickNwork–This is a paid task website. Users will have to sign up and upload his-her resume, many different skill sets needed. 

Unababel–A combination crowd sourcing, technology and human translation. Get paid to translate via text message. 

MyEarn –A crowd sourcing website. Get paid to task.



Downloads and Uploads

Cash4Downloads–This site pays for the distribution of content. Could be quite useful for those wanting to add an income stream to his-her website. 

Depositfiles–This site pays you to upload content. I believe users are paid when other users use your uploaded content.

Turbobit–This site pays users for downloading content. 

Filefactory–This site pays users for uploads and downloads. 

123RF–This company pays users to upload original photos. When a user uses your photos, you get paid. 

Shutterstock–This website pays users for uploading original photography. This is a popular company and has been online for a number of years.







Paid To Review

Review Stream–This site pays you for reviews on any topic and there are several topics available to choose


Softwarejudge–This site pays users to review software posted to their website. 

Sharedreviews–This site is a platform for content creators. 

Hitpredictor–This site pays users to review music and rewards them with prizes and perks. 

Musicxray–This site pays users for music reviews. 

Slicethepie–This site pays users to review music. Cash out threshold is only $10 via Paypal. 

Sideincomejobs–This company pays for completed daily tasks. 

StartUpLift–This site pays users to review start up companies. 

Rateitall–This site pays users to rate products and services, write reviews, and add to and create lists. 

Reviewopedia–This site pays users to write product reviews, share opinions about websites, products, or service providers. 








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  1. Hi, Chris. There are quite a few on this list that I have tried. One being UniqueRewards: they have paid me well over $100. I’ve signed up with several others also, but you must have ‘good’ follow-through, and I don’t with the ppt sites. Many of them have excellent reputations for paying their users regularly. Swagbucks, Uniquerewards, Zoombucks, and Slice the pie are a few that come to mind. There are claims of people making hundreds per day on these sites, but that has not been my experience.

  2. Hello, Audra. From your personal experience so far, are there any of the listed above Pay-Per-Task or Pay-Per-Review that you have tried and if so, have you had positive or negative interactions with them so far? Also, if you have had either positive or negative interactions, would you be able to elaborate on them in any way, in terms of any success of course? It would be great to know as I’m always open to making extra money and just wanted to see any recommendations. Thanks

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