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PC’s For Students And Low Income Families



I had no idea there were still organization’s aside from our local DHS (Department of Human Services) offices that provided free resources or more affordable options to specific groups to obtain updated technology. This writing focuses on college students and low income individuals and families.

I believe this information would be quite useful to many households. I know I was grateful to come across this information, but especially since my PC had died on me awhile ago. I also know many families that only have Acess via their cell phones and a PC would help them in many ways.

There are income guidelines for those applying for the computers by means of their government benefits: Families cannot make more than $45,000 annually to qualify. There is also a request to explain the need for the PC and how having one could help your family. Each organization’s application process will differ, please follow the application instructions closely.

An organization not listed in your area does not mean your area is not serviced or unserviceable, many companies have sister organizations or just good resources they can direct you to….ASK!!

PCs for students

Interconnection –A platform that has low cost laptops and desktops to low income people and qualified students. Non Profit organization’s also qualify. Internet services are available as well.

Computers4Students –An organization that provides low cost computers to low income students. You can contact them via mail, phone, or email. The company is located in Virginia, so if you live close by you would be eligible to pick up your PC once you qualify. 

eAchieve –An organization that provides free laptops to students attending online school programs.

SetonHill –Offers iPads and other necessary technology to all of it’s full time undergraduate students.

Notebooksforstudents –The Notebooks for Students program offers student discount laptops to students attending Primary, High School, College, Homeschool & BYOD.

PCs for Low income individuals and families

PCsRefurbished –This platform sells refurbished computers and also offers its own 4G internet service. Applicants must be 200 percent below the poverty line to qualify. Non-Profits also qualify to receive needed technology. You can view eligibility requirements to apply here.

The OnitFoundation –The Onit Foundation is a public non-profit that provides free computers, computer training and Internet to low-income families with students in grades K-12 that receive a free or reduced school lunch, attend a public school and reside within the United States

ComputersWithCauses –This platform will gift your family a computer once you explain your family’s need. Rules apply. 

Connectall –A platform that offers low cost computers and Internet service to low income families. Only those meeting income guidelines are eligible to use the site.

JumpOnIt –A platform that allows low income individuals and families to lay-away a computer if necessary for as little as $15. Keep in mind these PCs are refurbished and start off at $99.

ComputersForClassrooms –A platform that will offer school districts who have 75 percent or more of students receiving reduced lunch can receive equipment. This site caters to schools, low income families, and seniors.

CTAC –Provides low cost computers to low income families, schools, libraries and non-profit organizations. To be eligible for these low cost computer systems an applicant must be receiving some form of state/federal assistance (like food stamps,reduced school lunch, WIC; a low income senior citizen over the age of 62 or be handicapped. Must provide proof of income.

PCs for Non-Profits and Organizations

WorldComputerExchange –This is an organization that works to give computers to organization’s. “Computers from us are primarily for use in public settings in developing countries to help connect more youth to the internet. The computers are not for resale. Most of the computers need to be used most of the time to connect youth up-to the age of 24.”


AllFreeISP –A tool to search for free or discounted internet service. USA.

Best Colleges –A resource for low income students to search for online schools that provide laptops to students and their families.

SuddenLink –Offers Internet service. An alternative to the big cable guys!

DSLExtreme –Provides alternative Internet service for qualifying customers. US/Canada.

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  1. i am fekadu from ethiopia i need your support to join this organization to serve my family and i will try do my best . i will graduate this year in electrical engineering feild

    1. Hello, Fekadu. You need to click the links within the post to contact the organizations that offer computer/internet services! Much success on your journey! 😊

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