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Wouldn’t you enjoy being paid for something you already do regularly, that doesn’t take much skill, and can put you in control of your own financial future? Grocery shopping gigs are growing in popularity. Many things we do on a regular basis are being outsourced, allowing more people to become employed.

It is interesting to find such opportunities online, but there is ample opportunity to start such a venture on your own. Whenever I think of errand jobs I think about the elderly, and those who cannot get out like you or I may be able to. All of us know how to shop for food, we just pick out what we want to eat/cook and that’s that! When we shop for others, we follow a list of the items they requested. I can’t imagine needing training to perform this type of work because we already know how.

If you just enjoy getting out and running errands this could be a good fit! I only found (1) company that actaually required background checks for delivery persons, so if the gigs are near you why not try it! Most times there is no training needed unless you are new to using smartphone apps.



Shopping Gigs

InstaCart –Deliver groceries for others with the use of your smartphone and a vehicle. Earn up to $25/hour. Shoppers must be at least 21 years of age. Currently operating in; Dallas, Houston, Boston, SF Bay, Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, Seattle, DC, Austin, Denver, Indianapolis, Charlotte, Baltimore, Austin, Portland, Minneapolis, Orange County, San Antonio, San Diego, Raleigh-Durham.

Shopmium –An App that pays you to purchase certain items. Get paid by snapping a photo of your receipt. No minimum to receive payment. Pay is via PayPal. Take into consideration that PayPal will have fees so cash out a reasonable amount. Website is in French. App is on iTunes.

Checkout 51 –An app that pays you for your grocery store purchases. Has gained in popularity. Snap a photo of your receipt. Request payment once you’ve earned $20 and they will issue a check. App is on Google Play and ITunes.

Savings Star –Popular company. Receive rebates for items you purchase. Must have at least $5 to request payment. Pay is via PayPal.

Shipt –Earn money grocery shopping for others. Potential to earn $15-$25/hour. Choose your own schedule. Shoppers must be at least 18 years of age with valid license and reliable transportation. Must have an insulated cooler bag and the ability to lift at least 25 pounds. Thorough background check required. Currently seeking independent shoppers in; Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, North/South Carolina, Tennessee, Ohio, Florida, Texas.

Yaarlo –An app that pays you for scanning your receipts and referring members. PayPal and gift card cash out options. App is available on Google Play and ITunes.

Omaha Fast Foods –A grocery store chain with openings for; Personal Shoppers, Delivery Drivers, and Marketing Agents. Must  Email them to inquire about employment.

We Go Shop –This is an opportunity to run your own We Go Shop business. See site for fees and details. Available in the US, Canada,  Bahamas.

Shop Kick –Pays you just for walking in your favorite stores. Earn more for scanning specific items, scanning receipts, and purchases. Request payment once you’ve earned at least $2. Earn cash and rewards. App is available on Google Play and iTunes.

Envoy –Earn by grocery shopping, running errands, and performing tasks for seniors near you. Set your own schedule. Driver’s license, insurance, and a smartphone required. Possibility to earn $15-$20/hour.

Big Basket –A grocery delivery service seeking drivers. Send inquiries to careers@bigbasket.com.  India.

Pea Pod –Grocery delivery service seeking Grocery Delivery Drivers. Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Wisconsin.

Lowes Foods –Openings for Personal Shopper(s). NC

Oja Express –Seeking Independent Shoppers. 1 year grocery, driving, and shopper experience required. This is a contract position. MD.



Tough Nickel –“How to start a personal grocery shopping business”.

Iverson Software –“Make big money with your own personal shopping service”.

Entrepreneur –“Starting a business as a personal shopper”.


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  1. Hi. Great article. Nice looking and interesting information. You have opportunities I’ve never heard off and wouldn’t have thought up on my own. You have created a good listing. I like how you listed the areas in which they can be found right of the bat. That saves a lot of time for everyone looking into them. I was wondering if you have had an opportunity to look into any of them or have some you would recommend over others?
    Keep up the good work there are so many out there that need help looking outside the box for unconventional money making ideas to better their situation or easy their life. This is just the type of site they need and I will be sending them your way.
    Great Job, best and blessed wishes

    1. Hi, Bri. I always like to recommend sites that allow users to work when they want to. Many micro-jobs and freelance job sites are usually where I send newbies to working online, because you can complete small tasks. I have tried Checkout 51 and Shopkick, both popular apps that regularly pay users. The other sites are fairly new to me except Savingstar which has been around for quite some time. Savingstar is a good bet also…has a good reputation online. Thanks so much for stopping by. Come back soon! 🙂

  2. Superb! I really enjoyed this article very much. I hope it will help a lot of people. Thank you so much for this amazing post, and please keep up the good work……like this excellent article.

    1. Hi, Suseela. Thanks so much. I try my best to find interesting and legitimate ways for us to make money at home or online. So glad you enjoyed the article. Come back anytime!! 🙂

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