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Now, how can you resist that face? I am instantly in love with that sad face! I have several doggy-neighbors that give me a bark and a howl when they see me.  Dogs and many of our other fur babies are often more than just the family pet, they are family.

Animals look out for our safety, protect us from harm, love on us when they can, and miss us terribly when we’re gone. Sounds like family to me! If I can get loved on by my neighbors’ pets, surely they share that some love with their families on a deeper level. I always thought animals were so smart,  and have always admired the way they look out for their families.

So what do these loving creatures receive in return for all of the love they give to mankind? Who looks out for and protects them? There are many advocates for animal rights and the fair treatment of animals. Many organizations as well as individuals care for and look after these animals when their loved ones are away. I had no idea that ‘pet sitting’ was such a big business.

If you have a love for animals, this may be a topic of interest to you. Of course ‘pet sitter’ would not be the only option in this field. Animal doctors would be necessary because just like with human health, one who is skilled in medicine is the best for such positions. Office personnel and writers and more would be needed also to handle any issues dealing with business processes. There is always a way to get your foot in the door.



You may be an animal lover but I promise you if you’ve never performed such a job before, I would suggest a few tips or some good advice. Though pet sitting isn’t really a position that requires much skill, it takes much patience (one would assume) to commandeer other people’s pets. I found a video as a resource for those who are just getting started in the industry, you can view it below.

I find it interesting that these furry loved ones need many of the same essential items any parent would have prepared for their child while away. Since most sitting jobs will probably be performed in your home, it is important to make a check list of basic items the pets may require, while relying on the thoroughness of each owner to inform you of their pet’s specific needs.

Of course this would not be considered virtual work, instead it should be referred to as work from home! You would be in full control of the amount of hours you work and the amount of payment you would receive for your sitting-services. Even if you receive your assignments through a sitting service, you have control over the accounts you work on and the number of hours you’re available. Some companies may act as a ‘go-between’ to connect you to clients, but still give you full control with regard to pricing and availability.

If you don’t choose to search a source online you could always search classified ads in your community or the boards you see for services in your local food store. Often gas stations or restaurants have these boards available also and they’re usually close to,  or just inside of the facility’s entrance. Anyone can take from or post things to these boards and they are often a fairly good resource for community information. You could utilize the space to post your services as a dog walker or pet sitter.

I have enjoyed being able to share this opportunity with you and hope that you or someone close to you can make use of the information I have provided. There are countless opportunities available across industries that people can do from home. Be sure to sign up for updates so you don’t miss any upcoming posts! Much success! 🙂




PawSquad –Veterinary Nurse. IOS developer/contractor. Remote position. See

site for details. Anywhere/UK.

RemoteOKio –Home health Nurse. Non-tech.

Mercy For Animals –Open remote positions in; Fellowship Outreach Coordinator, Web Developer-LA or remote, Vegetarian Support Specialist, Staff Attorney-internal law and operations LA/remote, Video Editors LA/remote

BestFriends –Remote openings for; E Commerce Operations Coordinator, and

Major Gifts Officer, and Network Events Admin. Assistant.

ASPCA –Openings for remote; Director of animal relocation, part-time neuter

surgeon, Senior director-state legislator.

Rover –A company that hires pet sitters and dog walkers. Work from home.

DogVacay –Open positions for pet sitters.

IHPS –Openings for pet sitters and dog walkers. NY

JobScore–Seeking contributors to submit lighthearted articles about pets.

WayUp –Open pet sitter positions.




Animal jobs Digest –A resource for animal lovers to find employment.

RedRover –A resource for your pets/disaster preparedness.

Bloomberg View –An article that discusses dog sitting in the on-demand


TechCrunch/pets –Gadgets just for pets.

Pet Sitter Shop –Pet supplies for pet sitter.

BPlans –Free pet services and pet supplies sample

business plans.

WikiHow –How to set up a pet sitting business in

11 steps.






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