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As I find new survey sites I like to try them out to see if they’re paying users first. Well, they did! Yesterday, I received my PayPal disbursement from PointClub! I believe this site will give “Mintvine” a bit of competition! Let’s see what PointClub is all about!

What is PointClub and how does it work?

PointClub is a survey site where users complete surveys and are paid usually between 50 pts or more per survey that users qualify to complete. Users can earn a bonus once per week by signing in which moves you a day closer to your next milestone.

Users earn by the level they have reached on the site. Sign in for 7 days straight and receive a 10 percent bonus on completed surveys. Sign in for 14 days straight and receive a 20 percent bonus on completed surveys, and on and on. The catch is, if you miss one day logging in, you go back to the beginning, trying to earn that 10 percent bonus. So it’s best to log in daily.

Other site perks

We all know how difficult it can be to qualify to complete surveys at times, but this site loosens that burden daily. Users who don’t qualify to complete surveys can receive 12 points on surveys they aren’t qualified to complete. The site distributes this to each user up to 5x per day, so there is a potential to earn 60 pts per day without even qualifying or completing any surveys. New users are also given bonus points just for signing up.

When are users paid?

Users are paid once their balance reaches at least 25,000 points or $25. There are several giftcard choices to choose from like Red, Amazon, 1-800Flowers, American Eagle, AMC Theatres, PayPal, and more. To give you an idea of the time between your payment request and the receipt of payment, I requested my $25 on April 4, and received it yesterday in my PayPal (4/17).

To utilize the site users must be at least 18 years of age. No person under age 18 can legally use their services. I also noticed in their TOS or Terms of Service that users must have completed at least 7 surveys to earn a payment. So the FREE 60 points you can earn for disqualifying won’t be enough to Cashout unless you’ve completed those 7 surveys. Interested in earning with PointClub? You can sign up here.


***************UPDATED REVIEW***************


(March 20, 2018)

It has almost been a full year since I joined Point Club and was so excited to receive subsequent payments because the first one was so easy to earn. But seeing that I’m pretty well acquainted with the online-survey-taking-process, I figured something was awry when I stopped receiving survey invitations.

I went back for month after month waiting to see when I’d possibly get more surveys. After my first cash out, I received surveys totaling more than 4500 points, but the surveys stopped abruptly. So, I went to their Facebook page to verify that they were still communicating regularly with members and they are. But members aren’t happy. If you’d like to check out their reviews you can see them here. And YES, I left one too!

Unfortunately, I have to put Point Club on the Not Recommended list of sites, because they have stopped paying users regularly. As with anything listed within my site, I will return and update if they start paying again.



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