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Even when you work at home you will need a well-written resume. Of course my favorite search engine is Google, so I asked my com-padre what companies specialized in ‘work at home’ resumes?  I was shocked not to find any that specialized in telecommuting workers. Most sites that write resumes have claims that they employ the best writers available, but no one focused on remote workers.  I then searched Google page by page and examined every link that specified that each company wrote resumes.  A few pages in I stopped at a company called Professional Resume Writers.

I examined the website and checked out their list of packages, which didn’t seem too unreasonable. I still wasn’t sure of my decision, so I gave them a call. After speaking to a representative, I was sure this was the right company to create the best resume for my virtual job search. I was told the turn around time is usually 72 hours, though mine was a day or two longer (still not bad).

You are in contact with your writer as much as you need to be; he-she will contact you and give you their contact information. And once the process is complete, you both go over the last revisions and your cover letter,  and you’re all set to apply for your virtual employment position;  All complete in less than a week. Because I was using a service there was a charge for my completed resume of $125; which was paid before services were rendered. I thought that was pretty reasonable considering other sites I visited offered packages starting at $300 on the low end. I will list the steps it took for a completed resume;


  • Select desired package and submit payment
  • Receive confirmation email of your purchase details
  • Email with next steps to submit work history and resume
  • Questionnaire regarding employment goal(s)
  • A day with no communication unless new information or concerns arise
  • First draft received for your review
  • Second draft received for your review
  • Cover letter sample received for your approval
  • Final draft in pdf and word form, and your final cover letter


All-in-all the process was affordable and fast. I would certainly recommend this service to any person looking to work virtually. I was not just sold on the price, but also that there are three (3) revisions  to get it how you want it. Not bad for only $125.  I am unsure of how many revisions the $300 sites give their customers, but that $175 savings is a bargain in my opinion. The only CON I can think of , would be writers who aren’t knowledgeable about remote  work to write an effective resume.  I was totally satisfied with my resume result and started submitting it to jobs right away. If you are in need of a professionally written resume for a virtual position, give Professional Resume Writers a try.

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